Cheyenne Rider
Cheyenne Rider
First appearanceAge of Empires III
Melee cavalry
Cost40 Food Icon food
110 Wood Resources wood
AgeAges colonial Colonial Age
Base hit points300
Training limit10
Line of Sight12
Resists10% vs. ranged
Melee damage21
Siege damage15
Siege range0-6
Rate of Fire1.5 / 3.0 (melee/siege)
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The Cheyenne Rider is a melee cavalry unit in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs. It can be found at the Cheyenne Settlement.

Overview Edit

The Cheyenne rider is less powerful than the Hussar, but more cost effective. It requires fewer total resources, and food and wood versus food and coin. With the Cheyenne Fury upgrade, the unit becomes better at countering enemy cavalry than the hussar.

History Edit

"To the Native peoples of the North American plains, the horse represented both freedom and power. Horses were prized possessions to the Cheyenne, and were significant spoils of war. When armed with a lance, a mounted Cheyenne warrior presented a fearsome foe.

Before Cheyenne warriors engaged in battle, their leaders carefully planned their raids in detail. To kill one’s enemy in battle was of course a good thing to the Cheyenne warrior. But of even greater importance was the act of touching a living, unhurt man and leave him unscathed, a practice known as “counting coup.” The bravest warriors were known to go into battle with only a coup stick, a twig or carved piece of wood, sometimes decorated with fur or feathers.

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