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Cheat Code Units of Age of Empires III.

This page lists all the available cheats in Age of Empires III. To enter the cheat codes, press "Enter", while in a game, to activate the chat box. Type the following cheat codes to gain the effect listed immediately after the code.

The last eight codes were found by Heavengames user Roman2221 in March 2015. 

Age of Empires III

Code Description
a recent study indicated that 100% of herdables are obese Fattens all the animals on the map, generating more Food from them (also helps opponents).
Give me liberty or give me coin Adds 10,000 coinIcon coin
Medium Rare Please Adds 10,000 foodIcon food
<censored> Adds 10,000 woodResources wood
Nova & Orion Gives 10,000 experience points
X marks the spot Reveals the map, keeping the fog of war effect. Repeating it will not show progress on buildings that were there/under construction.
tuck tuck tuck Spawns The Tommynator monster truck.
ya gotta make do with what ya got Spawns a Mediocre Bombard, a powerful artillery unit that fires Capybara.
sooo good Tells which unit killed which (e.g. an Imperial Redcoat killing a purple colored settler will show it "Imperial Redcoat'ed!" in purple text)
speed always wins Increases build, research, shipment, and gather rates by 100 times for all players
this is too hard Automatically win a single player game.
where's that axe? Spawns George Crushington.
a whole lot of love Adds 10,000 to each of all available resources
o Canada 2005 Spawns a Lazerbear.
don't kick the pitbull Spawns a Learicorn
we <3 fluffy!1! Spawns Fluffy.
wuv woo vol.2 Spawns a Flying Purple Tapir
wee ooh wee ooh Spawns a BigAndy monster truck.

The Asian Dynasties expansion

Code Description
ding ding ding Spawns a Monster Ice Cream Truck.
mustard relish and burning oil Spawns a Flaming Hot Dog Cart.
trade plz Adds 10,000 export.
Shiver me timbers! Destroys all enemy boats.


  • The "sooo good" cheat is a reference to the Homestar Runner sub-series "Teen Girl Squad", in which a similar "[noun]'d" occurs whenever one of the girls is killed. In addition, "Sooo good!" is the girls' catchphrase.

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