The Charioteria was a building that was planned for the Egyptians but was ultimately cut. The Charioteria is similar to the Stable except that it trained Chariots, Chariot Archers and Camelry.

The Charioteria was the Egyptian replacement to the original Egyptian Stable. The Charioteria was shown until sometime around June 2002. The Charioteria's function to train Chariot Archers, and Camelry was moved to the Migdol Stronghold.


  • The Charioteria appears in the Expanded Mod as the Egyptian Stable building.
  • The Icon, anim.txt and .wav files for the Charioteria are still present in the files, abeit unused.
    • However, there are no model files for the Charioteria.
  • The Charioteria is mentioned in the Triggers for A Long Way From Home