For the Age of Empires II technologies, see Chain Mail Armor, Chain Barding Armor and Ring Archer Armor.
Chain Mail is a group of technologies in Age of Empires. These technologies can be researched in the Iron Age, at the Storage Pit as long as all of the previous armor upgrades has been researched.
  • Chain Mail Archers costs 150 Food and 100 Gold and increases archer armor by another 2 points. This technology is required in order to upgrade to Heavy Horse Archer.
  • Chain Mail for Cavalry costs 175 Food and 100 Gold and increases cavalry armor by another 2 points.
  • Chain Mail Infantry costs 125 Food and 100 Gold and increases infantry armor by another 2 points.

History Edit

Mail, also called chain (chain mail, while widely used and understood, is redundant), was an improvement over scale armor, being less penetrable and boasting better durability. Mail was always expensive where it was in use, being time-consuming and expensive to construct. Mail was worn over a thick woolen coat, called a gambeson, which cushioned blows and prevented chafing. Being flexible, mail remained in use long after the widespread use of plate owing to its ability to protect the joints (elbows, armpits, knees, groin), though more advanced forms of plate armor (especially Italian armor) used strategically-placed and specially-shaped plates to protect these as well.

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