Cenotes Preview

A complete small Cenotes map

Cenotes is a random map in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten. It represents a type of landscape, known for its sinkholes, formed from the erosion of the ground, found in Central America (especially in Yucatán).

Description Edit

Cenotes is an open map with resources spread thinner than in most maps. It is uncannigly similar to Arabia, concerning its open spaces, though it also features some watering holes, with Shore Fish, while some cliffed regions can favor defense a bit more than in Arabia.

Rushes are highly recommended on this map, not only because the land is open, but also because early pressure with Tower drops can starve enemies of resources and earn a quick victory. Occasionally wood bunches are spread far from one another making it hard to turtle or defend from a rush (unless the defending player builds Towers around its Town Center), though the odd cliff appearing sometimes can help properly.

Stone and gold deposits should be well protected from rushes and Castle drops, lest the player suffers a shortage of resources. This map features Central American fauna; Javelinas, Jaguars, and Macaws.

Similar maps Edit

Apart from Arabia, Cenotes also has much in common with Marsh from Age of Mythology, as both maps represent open landscapes, with relatively lush land and bodies of water, sinkholes in Cenotes' case and creeks and ponds in the case of Marsh.

Great Plains also has similarities with Cenotes, as both maps are open, suitable for rushes and also feature some bodies of water, though in the Great Plains, these are decorative, and serve no in-game purpose.

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