This article is about the unit in Age of Empires III. For the similar unit in Age of Empires II, see Cavalry Archer (Age of Empires II).
Cavalry Archer
Cavalry Archer Icon
First AppearanceAge of Empires III
Light Cavalry
Cost100 FoodIcon food
60 CoinIcon coin
Age AvailableFortress Age
Ages fortress
Base Hit Points265
Pop. Use2
Resists30% vs. melee
Melee Damage6.5
Melee Multipliersx4.5 vs. Melee Cavalry
x3.5 vs. Coyote Runner
x2.0 vs. Artillery
Range Damage13
Range Multipliersx3.0 vs. Melee Cavalry
x1.75 vs. Coyote Runner
x2.0 vs. Artillery
x0.5 vs. Villager
Siege Damage8
Siege Range6
R.O.F.3.0 / 4.0 (Siege)
Train Time36 seconds
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The Cavalry Archer is a ranged cavalry unit available in Age of Empires III. They are a mounted counter-cavalry unit. Only the Russians and Ottomans have access to Cavalry Archers.


Cavalry Archers function similarly to Dragoons, but have slower speed than their counterpart unit. Cavalry Archers can be trained from the Stable in the Fortress Age. The Russians have the Tartar Loyalists upgrade, making cavalry archers more effective.

Cavalry archers do considerably less damage than a Dragoon but attack faster, they resist 30% melee damage as well as having more HP, so they are more capable of fighting against hand infantry and can take some of them down with them, though it is still not recommended to attack any hand infantry with them. They have multipliers against artillery, as well as cavalry, and paired with their high hitpoints, they can easily take down most cannon. Normally ranged cavalry do half damage to villagers, but with the Irregulars upgrade they gain an attack bonus against villagers making them an effective unit for slowing down the enemy's economy. They can also be used to lure enemies into a trap using guerilla tactics.

History Edit

"Nomadic cavalry archers roamed with their herds in eastern and southern Russia. They raided, traveled, and conquered into what would become Russia and eastern Europe. The Europeans called these fierce cavalrymen the Tartars, though the Tartars were only one of a conglomeration of many distinct nomadic tribes and people. Their colorful tents earned them a more poetic name, the "Golden Horde." The Golden Horde, united under Tokhtamysh, sacked Moscow, but was soon wracked by a civil war that splintered the Horde into several Khanates. The new Russian nation of Tsar Ivan the Terrible, allied with some of the splinter groups, while the Ottoman Empire under Mehmed II allied with others.

Cavalry Archers wore light clothes - baggy pants, vests, long coats, and furred hats. Blue and red were popular colors, and embroidery a popular decoration to garments. Soldiers carried a variety of arms, primarily bows, but also swords, spears, and later, firearms. Though the Tartars are most commonly thought of as cavalry, they were competent infantry as well.

Shipments Edit

This is a list of shipments that benefit Cavalry Archers in anyway.


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