Building info
Type Civilian
Introduced in KingsIcon The Age of Kings
Size 8x8 tiles
Hit points 2000
Melee armor 0
Pierce armor 0
Armor classes Building
Line of Sight 8
The Cathedral is an unconstructable building in Age of Empires II. In campaigns, it is often used as an aesthetic building for large cities, but usually as the focal point of an objective. The Cathedral is very similar in looks to the British Wonder. Cathedrals cannot be built, but are available in the Scenario Editor.

Campaign appearances Edit

Cathedrals appear in the following campaign scenarios.

Joan of Arc Edit

Barbarossa Edit

  • Pope and Antipope - The player must convert the Cathedral in the city of Milan to win the scenario. Destroying it will result in the player's defeat.

Battles of the Conquerors Edit

  • Tours - The player owns a Cathedral in Tours, where the player may bring the Trade Carts from Poitiers (under Moorish control) to the area outside the Cathedral. However, it is not necessary to keep the Cathedral standing.

El Dorado Edit

Gallery Edit

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