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First appearanceAge of Empires III
Ranged infantry
Cost80 foodIcon food
35 coinIcon coin
AgeAges fortress Fortress Age
Base hit points105
Pop. use1
Line of Sight22
Resists50% vs Ranged
Melee damage5
Melee multipliersx2.0 vs. Heavy infantry
x2.0 vs. Light cavalry
x2.0 vs. Eagle Runner Knight
x0.75 vs. Cavalry
x0.75 vs. Coyote Runner
Range damage17
Range multipliersSame as melee
Siege damage12
Siege range6
Rate of Fire1.5 (Melee) / 3.0 (Siege/Ranged)
Train time33 seconds
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The Cassador is a light infantry unit unique to the Portuguese in Age of Empires III.


The Cassador (Caçador, in Portuguese) is a light infantry unit similar to the Skirmisher, strong against heavy infantry but weak against cavalry and artillery.

Cassadors have far less health compared to the Skirmisher, but more than the Strelet. This weakness is compensated with a 0.50% ranged resistance (the highest out of any ranged infantry).

Although unlocked at the Fortress Age, a Portuguese player allied with a French player who has sent the TEAM Early Skirmisher card can train Cassadors in the Colonial Age. Like Skirmishers, Cassadors are at their base level and automatically upgrade into Veteran status upon reaching the Fortress Age.


Cassadors benefit from Technologies found in the Arsenal, though better improvements for them are available at the Barracks once the player advances through the Ages.

Guard CassadorEdit

Hit Points: +30% (136)
Hand Attack: +30% (6)
Ranged Attack: +30% (22)
Siege Attack: +30% (15)

Imperial CassadorEdit

Hit Points: +50% (189)
Hand Attack: +50% (9)
Ranged Attack: +50% (30)
Siege Attack: +50% (21)

Counter-Infantry RiflingEdit

  • Cost - 200 woodResources wood, 200 coinIcon coin
  • Effect - Increases damage multipliers vs Heavy Infantry

Paper CartridgeEdit

  • Cost - 350 woodResources wood, 350 coinIcon coin
  • Effect - + 15% gunpowder units' siege attack and + 10% hand attack

Military DrummersEdit

  • Cost - 150 woodResources wood, 150 goldIcon coin
  • Effect - Increases infantry speed by 10%

Home City cardsEdit

  • Gunpowder Infantry Attack
    • Cost - Shipment
    • Effect - + 15% attack
  • Gunpowder Infantry hitpoints
    • Cost - Shipment
    • Effect - + 15% hit points
  • Gunpowder Infantry Combat
    • Cost - Shipment
    • Effect - + 15% attack and hit points

Shipments Edit

This is a list of shipments that benefit Cassadors in any way.

History Edit

"The Cassador (also Cazador) was a Portuguese light infantry during the Napoleonic era. The name comes from the Portuguese word for hunter. They formed batallions consisting of five companies, four companies of Cassadores and one company of elite tiradores.

Cassadores in the nineteenth century wore brown uniforms and were armed with muskets or rifles. They carried brown backpacks and gray blankets. They wore stovepipe shako hats with prominent green plumes on the front.

In-game history section

Trivia Edit

The game files list these units as Cacadore. This may be because in Portuguese, the correct spelling is Caçador, which is pronounced like Cassador.