Carpenters (Age of Mythology)
Location Storehouse
Ox Cart
Lumber Camp
Storage Pit
Age Heroic Age
Cost 300 Food
200 Gold
Time 55

Carpenters is a common technology in Age of Mythology. It improves worker wood gather and carry rate. Hand Axe and Bow Saw must be researched first.

Effects Edit

  • +10% wood gather rate
  • +50% carry capacity

History Edit

Because of the dramatic increases in food production following the invention of agriculture and the domestication of different animal species, advanced ancient societies could support specialized craftsmen. Carpenters, for example, excelled at building with wood. Societies benefited from this specialization because a few skilled carpenters were much more efficient than a like number of unskilled men attempting the same project.

Common Wood Technologies
Hand Axe | Bow Saw | Carpenters

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