Caribs Mini map

This is the Mini Map of the Caribbean Islands.

Caribbean is a popular map in Age of Empires III. It features large open waters and numerous fish and whales, it is ideal for Water Boom matches and civilizations with bonuses suited for naval warfare.

Unlike other maps, the Caribbean follows a different set of mechanics compared to other maps:

  • In a Supremacy match, there will be two islands for each team, which hosts a large variety of resources, low-level treasures and a Carib settlement.
  • In a Deathmatch, every player gets their own island. There are no treasures and Carib settlements in them.

Regardless of the gameplay chosen, the topography of each island is different and never set. In addition, both gamestyles will also have another island which is at the north, west, east or south edges of the map, containing 3 Trade Routes, another Carib settlement and moderate-level treasures.

History Edit

"The Caribbean Sea is a western offshoot of the Atlantic Ocean that sits between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. Though many of the islands are south of the Tropic of Cancer, the waters around such islands as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are cooler than mainland Central America. These islands are subtropical rather than tropical, even though they are well within the tropics. Islands are mountainous, formed millions of years ago in volcanic eruptions from the sea floor. Plant and animal life is abundant and diverse, in areas ranging from deserts to rainforests.

Islands in the eastern waters (the West Indies) were the site of Christopher Columbus' first landfall in the Western Hemisphere. The Spanish established dozens of colonies and ports in this area to support their conquest of wealthy natives, especially the Inca, Maya, and Aztec. The islands of the Caribbean were already settled by a fierce people, the Carib, who eventually supported the sugar plantations and colonies of a number of European powers. The French, British, and Dutch all had a presence in the Caribbean, though none were quite as powerful as the Spanish. Fat Spanish galleons loaded with plundered gold and silver sailed the length of the Caribbean, tempting attacks by privateers and pirates.

Gallery Edit


  • When playing with the AI on this map, although they are fully capable of sending ships with units to attack enemies, they can occasionally get stuck and result in that set of units being stuck there because of it.
    • In another case, they may get on the ship and drop them off at the other island but will not move them.

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