Caesar vs Pompey
Caesar vs Pompey
Scenario information
Game RomeIcon Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome
Campaign Ave Caesar
Civilization Romans
Color Blue
Course of campaign
Scenario no. 4
Previous Alesia
Next N/A
The Battle of Pharsalus (Caesar vs Pompey in the original) is the fourth and last scenario of the Ave Caesar campaign in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. Caesar must destroy his rival, Pompey.

Scenario Instructions Edit

You are locked in a struggle with Pompey, the very successful consul from the East, to be the ruler of Rome. Pompey has fled to Greece where he has great support. Having solidified your control in Rome and neutralized other Pompeiian forces, you march to Greece to finish Pompey. The two armies meet near the small city of Pharsalus to decide who will become the true ruler of Rome.

Objective Edit

  • Destroy the forces of Pompey. If Caesar dies, the mission will be lost.

Strategy Edit

You start off with a few infantry units, two Stone Throwers, a Scout, four Villagers, and Caesar himself. There are two enemies, Afranius (red) and Pompey (yellow), both Romans. Both are quite defended, so build up for your assault. At all times, make sure Caesar is safe.

In this scenario, it pays to be aggressive. Claim any gold mines you can, and destroy enemy military buildings before they can replenish their forces. Finish off Afranius before attempting to siege Pompey.

They both rely on their siege units, but Scythe Chariots are quite cheap, and strong enough for these purposes. Save the gold for Catapults and Helepolises.

If you find yourself lacking gold, then leave their docks intact - trading is a reliable source of gold.

Another quicker strategy is to ignore Afranius, build a Dock and create a Transport Ship to cross the river to Pompey's base. Caesar would be strong and fast enough to subdue Pompey's starting units and unit-producing buildings. Just keep him away from the Sentry Towers.

Once Pompey is out of resources and no longer produces units from their base, take your time to build up a siege force to take down their remaining buildings in order to defeat him.