Caesar's Revenge
Caesar vs Pirates
Scenario information
Game RomeIcon The Rise of Rome
Campaign Ave Caesar
Civilization Romans
Color Blue
Course of campaign
Scenario no. 1
Next The Invasion of Britain
Caesar's Revenge (Caesar vs Pirates in the original) is the first scenario of the Ave Caesar campaign in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. Caesar must lead his Roman forces against the pirates of the Aegean Sea.

Scenario instructions Edit

The Rise of Rome Edit

"Pirates in the Mediterranean have been a plague on trade for decades. Now that we control most of the Mediterranean coastline, it is within our power to wipe out the pirate nests and make the Mediterranean trade routes safe from predation. You have been given responsibility for these areas and the mandate to wipe out the pirates."

Definitive Edition Edit

"Asia Minor, 75 BCE

Oh, the rumours when the rich families in Rome heard that the young Caesar of the Julii Family had been captured by Cilician pirates. Thank the gods that you are free now. I had hoped to dissuade you from raising a fleet and attacking the pirates to exact your vengeance, instead of returning to Rome and your family. But I see you have made up your mind and, knowing your late father, I recognize this stubbornness runs in the family. So, set sail, young Caesar, and redeem your family name once and for all.

Objectives Edit

  • Destroy all enemy Docks.
  • If Caesar dies, the mission will be lost.

Strategy Edit

There are three enemy forces in this scenario: Rhodian Pirates (red, Greeks), Cretan Pirates (yellow, Greeks), and Cilician Pirates (brown, Romans).

The player starts off with only one unit: Caesar himself. But just north of his initial position, there is a gaia Town Center and some Villagers, so send him directly there. Some Axemen and Slingers will attack him, but keep moving; they are too weak to bother slowing down for.

Start gathering resources, and build a navy. All three enemies have navies, and will attack the player mercilessly. There's wood on the island, and if the player controls the sea, they can fish for food.

Upgrade the player's city until they can train Triremes, and start destroying enemy Docks. Some of them are protected by Towers, so landing a few Stone Throwers is not a bad idea - or just using Catapult Triremes.

Historical outcome Edit

The Rise of Rome Edit

"The merchants and sailors of Rome are exultant to hear the pirates have been wiped out. The benefits will spread through the empire as trade increases and prices fall. You are in line for promotion and new responsibilities. It has been suggested that you take command in the North against the Gauls, Germans and Britons."

Definitive Edition Edit

"The expedition against your kidnappers has boosted your reputation among the Roman elite and has shown you to be a man of your word. People will think twice before taking action against you, and several senators have asked for your friendship. Two mighty men, Pompey and Crassus, have even asked you to join them in a triumvirate and rule over Rome together. Soon, you will be one of the most important men in the whole Republic."

Changes Edit

In the Definitive Edition, the background was moved from the Mediterranean to the Aegean Sea, where Caesar was truly imprisoned by pirates, returning later in retaliation with a fleet and crucifying the captives. The name of the enemies were changed to Aegean instead of Italian, Corsican, and Sardinian pirates.