Burgundy (or the Burgundians) is a team in Age of Empires II. They are frequently featured in a number of campaigns. They are always playing as Franks in purple color.

Joan of Arc Edit

Along with the British, Burgundy is one of the major antagonists in the Joan of Arc campaign. They are some of the largest and most frequently seen opponents, and are present in every level of the campaign, except the fourth. However, they are never the main opponent (except the first scenario An Unlikely Messiah), just a secondary opponent to the British.

Barbarossa Edit

Burgundy is only present in the first level of the campaign and is one of the weaker enemies in the level. Mission hints suggest for the player to take out the Burgundians before they become too great a threat, a task easy to achieve due to their close proximity to Barbarossa's camp. They house one of the Relics that Barbarossa must obtain.

Attila the Hun Edit

Burgundy is present in the fourth level of the campaign. They begin as an opponent, but become the player's allies if he/she destroys their Town Center as well as building a Castle in their base within 10 minutes. They are one of the weaker opponents in the level.

See also Edit

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History Edit

During the Middle Ages, Burgundy was a kingdom situated near the eastern border of France and Switzerland. The region was inhabited by Celts, Romans, and Germans. Burgundy was a constant ally to the British during the Hundred Years' War.

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