Brokk's Journey
BrokksJourney map
Scenario information
Game Age of Mythology
Campaign The Golden Gift
Civilization Norse, Thor
Color Blue
Course of campaign
Scenario no. 1
Previous N/A
Next Eitri's Journey

Brokk's Journey is the first scenario of the The Golden Gift campaign in Age of Mythology. Brokk is visited by the old man Skult, who warns him that his brother Eitri has gone behind his back and is about to forge a great metallic boar as a gift to the god Freyr - even though the two brothers had planned to forge it together.

Brokk immediately decides to travel to the underground forge and finish the boar first, but to reach it, he must travel through the lands of Folstag, the notorious Frost Giant.

Objectives Edit

  1. Build four ox carts. (Ox Carts are very slow and cannot flee attacks quickly; they must be protected. Good scouting will help you find the best places to send your Ox Carts. Great scouting will yield some very helpful surprises.)
  2. Get Brokk and four Ox Carts to the flagged tunnel entrance. (The mountain pass that leads to the tunnel entrance is guarded by the nasty frost giant Folstag. He warns intruders away with bellowed threats and storms. Anyone caught in the pass during a storm is likely to be frozen. The pass can be navigated between storms (Folstag must rest after freezing people). There are other hidden ways to reach the caves if the pass becomes too troublesome.)

Players Edit

Allies Edit

  • Brokk's Clan (Thor): They have a small forge near Brokk's starting position, guarded by a few Heroes of Ragnarok. They have no effect on gameplay.
  • Arngrim's Town (Odin): Consists of a few buildings on the island south of Brokk's base. They have a Sentry Tower, a Dock, a House, and two Fishing Ships. There is also an unclaimed Settlement, five Cows, and an enemy Frost Giant on the island. Once the player kills the Frost Giant, the town will come under Brokk's control.
  • Arngrim (Odin): This player can be found in the northern part of the map, and has a Champion Huskarl, three Gatherers, an Ox Cart, and two Tents. He also has three Cows. Arngrim complains that Folstag stole some of his Cattle, and if Brokk gives him six Cows, he'll open a faster route to Brokk's destination.

Enemies Edit

  • Folstag's Warband (Loki): They have a large town in the eastern part of the map, and start with two Town Centers, two Hill Forts, one Temple, twelve Longhouses, and two Healing Springs. They train a wide variety of Norse units.
  • Folstag's Vanguard (Loki): Consists of a few scattered enemy soldiers, mainly found in the Folstag's Warband town.
  • Folstag (Loki): Folstag himself, represented by an ordinary Frost Giant of Thrym, can be found south of Folstag's Warband's town. He is protected by two Polaris Polar Bear heroes, and two Watch Towers. He has three Relics around him.

Strategy Edit

Brokk starts out in the Classical Age, with Thor as his major god and Freyja as the minor god. He starts with a small base, including eight Heroes of Ragnarok. The player cannot build Gatherers, only Dwarves.

First, the player must train four Ox Carts, and then reach the tunnel entrance in the eastern corner of the map. There are three ways to reach the tunnel entrance.

  1. Right through Folstag's gates. Just east of Brokk's town, there is a pass leading to Folstag's base, protected by Stone Walls. Folstag will cast Frost on any unit that goes through the pass, and he has an unlimited supply, but it has a long cooldown that will allow Brokk to send units through. One way to go through is to first send a single weak unit through, and then send in the real army during the cooldown. On the other side, Brokk's forces must fight through the enemy's large base.
  2. By removing the forest. Northeast of Folstag's gates, there is a forest that blocks another way into Folstag's base, which will allow Brokk to go around the guarded pass. Brokk starts with Forest Fire, which he can use to remove the trees. It's also possible to just cut them down, but this will take far longer. Note that Brokk will still have to fight through the enemy town - the only thing he avoids is the pass.
  3. By giving Arngrim the six Cows he's asking for. Arngrim will immediately open an Underworld Passage to the other side of Folstag's base, which Brokk can use to shorten his journey. He'll still have to pass through two Stone Walls and go past an enemy Town Center, but this is by far the safest and shortest route. With a few Portable Rams, and his initial Heroes of Ragnarok, Brokk can knock his way through the Walls and enter the tunnel with the Ox Carts.

There are twenty Cows on the map that Brokk can hope to reach.

  • Four are found just northwest of his base, with the fourth one a bit further north than the others.
  • Two can be found on the small island to the northwest.
  • Two more are located near the northern unclaimed Settlement.
  • Five can be found near the eastern Settlement.
  • Two just northeast of the pass to Folstag's town.
  • Five in Arngrim's town on the southern island.

If the player fails to find the Cows before Folstag's forces, they'll have to fight through the enemy town. The player should claim the enemy's Healing Spring just outside the pass, and then build military buildings here to prevent them from taking it back. This is also a good place to train units to assault the enemy town.

Since the enemy uses a wide array of units, the player will have to do the same. A good force should include Throwing Axemen to counter Hersirs and human Infantry, Ulfsarks to counter Cavalry, Hersirs to counter Myth Units, and Portable Rams to destroy buildings. The enemy's military buildings are located in the western and northern parts of the town.

There are three unclaimed Settlements at the start of the game: one in Arngrim's Town, one to the far north, and one southeast of it. Brokk should try to claim all three.

There are also nine Relics on the map. All of them are random.

  • One is located southeast of Brokk's starting camp, near the water separating him from Arngrim's Town.
  • One near the northern Settlement.
  • One is located on the island to the northwest.
  • One can be found on the cliffs near the pass, but the player will have to go through the forest to reach it. If the player chooses to use Forest Fire to reach the enemy base, they can pick up the Relic at the same time.
  • One is found behind one of the enemy Hill Forts, in the eastern part of the map.
  • Three of them surround Folstag himself.
  • One is located just west of Folstag, across the water. To reach it, the player must enter Folstag's area.

Fighting Folstag Edit

If the player wants to, they can choose to attack Folstag in his lair. To reach it, they must knock down the two Stone Walls at the south of the enemy town. As mentioned above, Folstag is represented by an ordinary upgraded Frost Giant, and is protected by two Watch Towers and two Polaris heroes.

If Folstag is killed, the enemy will stop casting Frost if the player goes through the pass. Another effect is that, ordinarily, Folstag will exclaim "BAH! Go on, then!" when Brokk reaches his destination, but the sound clip is not played if Folstag has been killed.