Brokk (Hero)
Brokk Icon
Brokk the Dwarf
First AppearanceAge of Mythology
Base Hit Points180
1 HP/second regeneration
Pop. Use1
ResistsHack (35%)
Pierce (35%)
Crush (99%)
Melee DamageHack (9)
Melee MultipliersMyth Units (5)
Set Animals (3)
Range DamagePierce (6)
Max Spread (5)
Spread Factor (0.5)
Range MultipliersUnintentional Damage Multiplier (30%)
Accuracy Reduction Factor (2)
Aim Bonus (80)
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Brokk (known in Old Norse as Brokkr) is a Hero Dwarf in Age of Mythology. He is Eitri's elder brother and one of the two blacksmiths of a Dwarven Forge leading to Midgard, the other being his brother.

Brokk and Eitri have the unique ability of being able to gather resources; no other hero in Age of Mythology can gather resources.

Campaign Appearances Edit

Brokk and Eitri are Dwarves who were helped by Arkantos on defending their armory from giants in the Fall of the Trident campaign, during the events of The Dwarven Forge mission. Later, they helped seal a Hades Gate at Nifleheim, by restoring Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, this being the main focus of the Unlikely Heroes mission.

Brokk and Eitri are also known for making the Battle Boar which pulled the cart of Freyja. They are the main protagonists in The Golden Gift mini-campaign, a downloadable add-on for Age of Mythology.

The plot of the Golden gift is about Brokk and Etri having a feud on who will make the Golden Boar first and sacrifice it to Freyja, they are turned against each other when Loki (In his guise of Skult) tricks them into believing their respective brother is out to build the boar and take credit for themselves. They eventually figure out Loki's involvement and work together against him, and retrieve the golden boar which Loki had stolen in the confusion.

Mythology Edit

"Age -- 218
Homeland -- Midgard
Occupation -- Blacksmith

Special attack -- a Hero and a Villager

Brokk is a smith, statesman and reluctant hero of the dwarves. Although the role of leader was not wanted, Brokk takes it upon himself to help maintain the Norse way of life for his people.

In-game mythology section

Gallery Edit

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