This article is about the unit in Age of Empires. For the untrainable unit in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten, see Heavy Swordsman.
Broad Swordsman
Broad Swordsman
AgeBronze Age
Trained atBarracks
TypeLight Infantry
Cost35 Food,
15 Gold
Rate of FireFast
Upgraded FromShort Swordsman Short Swordsman
Upgraded ToSwrdsoman Long Swordsman
The Broad Swordsman is an infantry unit in Age of Empires that is a stronger upgrade of the Short Swordsman. The Broad Sword technology is available at the Barracks in the Bronze Age for 300 Gold and 120 Food. The Broad Swordsman can be upgraded further to a Long Swordsman once the Iron Age is reached.

Gameplay Edit


Broad Swordsmen

The Broad Swordsman is stronger than the Short Swordsman and is an upgrade available immediately after researching the Short Sword. Only three civilizations in the game cannot upgrade to the Broad Sword. It has more hit points and attack, making it useful in the Bronze Age, being better equipped to stand up to cavalry. However, their speed still poses a problem, making them vulnerable to archers, just like Short Swordsmen. However, they do make a good army in massed numbers for a Bronze Age assault.

Upgrades Edit

Tool AgeEdit

Bronze AgeEdit

Iron AgeEdit

Unit Evolution: Broad Swordsman

Short Swordsman Broad Swordsman Long Swordsman Legion

Civilization Bonuses Edit

  • Romans: Broad Swordsmen attack +33% faster.
  • Macedonians: Broad Swordsmen have +2 line of sight and are four times more resistant to conversion.
  • The Broad Swordsman is not available for Egyptians, Greeks, and Yamato.


The appearance of bronze short swords led to further advances in weaponry as competing cultures sought an advantage in military technology over their neighbors. Where the early short sword was primarily a piercing weapon, the broad sword evolved as a slashing weapon. The width of the blade increased strength sufficiently to support a slashing attack that could cut into armor and break short swords designed for stabbing.

— the Age of Empires manual

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