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The Britons are a Western European civilization in Age of Empires: The Age of Kings. They represent the English and the Anglo-Normans during the High Middle Ages.

Overview Edit

The Britons' main advantages are in their ranged units as they arguably have the best foot archers. Their arbalests and Archery ranges are cheaper and Its hero Richard the Lionhearthed have a power that gives +1 range to friendly archers in his line of sight. Their unique unit, the Longbowman, is the best foot archer in the game. The Britons also have discounts on Churches, Longswordsman, 2 handed swordsman & Champions which helps protect their archers against enemy units that get too close. However their cavalry and siege weapons are weaker as the Horse Archer, Camel, Onager and Bombard Cannon are more expensive. They also have mining bonus.

The Britons appear several times in the single-player campaigns.

Civilization Bonuses Edit

Unique Unit: Longbowman (Long-ranged foot archer)

Hero: Richard the Lionhearthed.

Hero Powers:

  • Reckless & Fierce: Adjacent & diagonal enemy units lose 20 health.
  • Superb Leader: Friendly units in sight gain 25% attack until end of turn.
  • Recruit For the Cause: Units are trained at a discount of -20 food/-20 gold until end of turn.
  • Firing Line: Ranged units within Richard's Line of Sight gain +1 range until end of turn.

Economy bonus: Mining


  • Archery Range,
  • Church
  • Crossbowman
  • Arbalest
  • Longswordsman
  • 2-handed Swordsman
  • Champion.

High Priced Units and Buildings

  • Camel
  • Horse Acher
  • Onager
  • Bombard Cannon

In-game Dialogue Language Edit

The language spoken by the Briton units is presumably a variant of Middle English, as it has some French and Latin words added that were not present in Old English. The monks speak Latin like the Byzantines.

  • Yea? (yes?)
  • Eos (yes)
  • Mandatum? (order)
  • Ready
  • Greetin
  • Correctus (right)
  • Ic wile (I will)
  • Chopper
  • Gatherer
  • Hunter
  • fisk (fish)
  • firm (farm)
  • Dic (trench)
  • builden
  • estorer (restorer)
  • fight!
  • battal! (battle!)