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Civilization Tech Tree Strategy
The Britons are primarily an archer oriented civilization, with many of their civilization bonuses aiding their offensive capabilities.


Their archers gain bonus range in the Castle and Imperial Age and are trained faster. In addition their unique technology increases their range even more and grants towers additional attack. In total their foot archers gain +3 range, giving them an advantage against the archers of other civilizations. Their unique unit, the Longbowman, has the longest range of any archer. Due to their range Longbowmen can cut down opposing forces before they can even get close. Even enemy archers will likely be killed before they get in range. If in a large enough group they are almost impossible to counter. Cavalry are the main threat of Longbowmen, but the Britons have full infantry technology so can build Halberdiers to provide close combat protection from cavalry for the Longbowmen. If played in conjunction with the Saracens, their team bonus will allow longbowmen to deal additional damage to buildings.


However the Britons have several weaknesses. They have mediocre cavalry, lacking both the Hussar and Paladin upgrades and cannot build Camels. Their siege weapons are similarly lacking, missing the Siege Ram, Siege Onager, and Bombard Cannon. They are missing the Parthian Tactics and Thumb Ring upgrades, though their inherent archer bonuses compensates for this. They are also the only Old World civilization to be missing the Cannon Galleon. This is a critical weakness in maps where water is common as this causes naval invasions to be much more difficult. If an opponent builds a large amount of towers near a shore a naval attack is almost impossible.

Strategy changes in "The Forgotten"Edit

Yeomen was moved from Imperial age to Castle age, allowing Britons to strike with archers heavily earlier than in The Conquerors (now with +2 range at Castle age and +3 range in Imperial age). New Tech Warwolf allows Trebuchet to do blast damage (damaging enemy buildings and units near to the firing point) so a combined force of archers, longbowmen and Trebuchets makes the Britons even better in a siege in this expansion. If played in conjunction with the Magyars, their longbowmen can have a range as high as 15 points, the highest of any unit in the game with the exception of several gunpowder and siege units. In addition, they have the ability to build Cannon Galleons making them an average naval force.

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