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220px-Richard coeur de lion
An artist's rendition of Richard the Lionheart, King of the Britons during the Crusades.
KingsIcon Age of Empires II
Architectural StyleWestern European
Unique UnitsLongbowmanIcon Longbowman
Preferred StrategiesFast Feudal into Archer Flush, Ranged support in team games, Turtling with archers support
TechnologiesCastleAgeUnique Yeomen
Unique-tech Warwolf
MapsLand & Water (Forgotten onwards)
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The Britons are a Western European archer civilization in Age of Empires II. They represent the English and the Anglo-Normans during the High Middle Ages and Late Middle Ages.

The Britons' unique unit is the Longbowman, from their historical use of the English Longbow in their campaigns. Longbowmen are archers with higher attack and range than every other archer in the game, even outranging Castles and Towers later in the game. Their Castle Age unique technology Yeomen refers to the fact that the Britons heavily relied on archery, thus giving their foot archers even more range, as well as increasing their tower damage. The Britons were known for their small villages scattered across England, as well as their tactics of encroaching on enemies with strongholds, and thus get cheaper Town Centers. Known as skilled shepherds and heavily involved in the wool trade, British shepherds work faster. For a time in England, all sports but archery were banned, thus the Britons also have faster Archery Ranges and longer ranged foot archers.


The Wonder of the Britons, the Aachen Cathedral

Their descendants are the modern English nation, that alongside the Scottish, Welsh and Irish nations (descendants of the Celts). These nations created a united kingdom, the British civilization.

Overview Edit

The Britons' main advantages are in their ranged units as they arguably have the best foot archers. Their archers can be built faster and have a longer range than most. Their unique unit, the Longbowman, is the only foot archer that can outrange a Castle. They work great against other archers and slow infantry (with the exception of the GothsHuskarl), however they are vulnerable against siege and especially cavalry. The Britons have all the Barracks' units available to them, excluding the Eagle Warrior line, and have access to all infantry technologies, which helps protect their archers against enemy units that get too close. However, their cavalry and siege units are lacking, and are missing several crucial upgrades. The Britons' Stable is a weakness with the lack of Paladins, Hussars and Camels. At the Dock, the Britons are a very reasonable naval civilization, with their main weakness on water being their lack of Cannon Galleons (though the Britons have the regular Cannon Galleons in the expansion). The Britons also lack heavy siege units: the Siege Onager and the Siege Ram are unavailable, but the Warwolf technology helps buff their Trebuchets against enemy units. The cheaper Town Centers and faster Sheep gathering rate help a lot to build a great economy.

The Britons appear several times in the single-player campaigns. They are the main opponents in the William Wallace and Joan of Arc campaigns, and have cameo roles in the Barbarossa and Saladin campaigns.

Unique Unit: Longbowman (Long-ranged foot archer)

Unique Technologies: Yeomen (Increased range for foot archers, increased attack for towers), Warwolf (Trebuchets do blast damage)

Civilization Bonuses Edit

Changes in The Forgotten Edit

In-game dialogue language Edit

The language spoken by the Briton units is presumably a variant of Middle English, as it has some French and Latin words added that were not present in Old English. The monks and the kings speak Latin like the Byzantines and Italians.

  • Yea? (yes?)
  • Eos (yes)
  • Mandatum? (order)
  • Ready
  • Greetin
  • Correctus (right)
  • Ic wille (I will)
  • Chopper
  • Gatherer
  • Hunter
  • fisk (fish)
  • firm (farm)
  • Dic (trench)
  • builden
  • estorer (restorer)
  • fight!
  • battal! (battle!)
  • yis (yes)

AI Player Names Edit

  • Alfred the Great
  • Duke of Normandy
  • Earl of Warwick
  • Earl of Wessex
  • Edward Longshanks
  • Henry Bolingbroke
  • Henry Tudor
  • Henry V
  • King Edward
  • Lord Henry Percy
  • Lord Talbot
  • Prince John
  • Richard II
  • Richard the Lionhearted
  • The Black Prince
  • William III

Trivia Edit

  • Age of Empires II often calls the Britons "British", which is incorrect historically, as no British nation existed back in the Medieval period. The proper term would be "English". Historically Britons referred to the Welsh and Cornish native to Britain, so in truth Britons were Celts.
  • In The Conquerors, the Britons are the only civilization to not have access to any unit/technology that 9 or less civilizations have access to.

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