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AgeTool Age
Trained atArchery Range
Cost20 Wood,
40 Food
Rate of FireFast

The Bowman is the most basic ranged unit found in Age of Empires and is armed with a bow. They are extremely weak and don't offer much offensive capability other than to counter slow moving, weak close-combat infantry. They can be trained from the Archery Range from the Tool Age.

They are the weakest unit in the game besides the Slinger, with no armor and the fewest hit points, coming in just behind the Clubman. They aren't directly upgraded, but stronger bowmen such as Improved Bowmen and Composite Bowmen can be produced in the Bronze Age.

Upgrades Edit

Tool AgeEdit

Bronze AgeEdit

Iron AgeEdit

Civilization Bonuses Edit

  • Assyrian: Bowmen attack +40% faster.
  • Hittites: Bowmen deal +1 damage.
  • Macedonians: Bowmen are four times more resistant against enemy conversion.

History Edit

The bow was an important military weapon from the time of the first armies, being easily adapted from hunting animals to warfare. Archers required less discipline and leadership in battle because they were not expected to engage in hand-to-hand combat, a terrifying experience. Bowmen fought from a distance on the battlefield, from behind walls or other cover, and from ambush. They were usually not decisive in battle on the attack because they could not physically take ground from the enemy like infantry could. They acted mainly as defensive troops and as light troops that disrupted enemy formations prior to the decisive moment when the infantry clashed. If barrages of arrows could cause casualties and lower morale of the enemy prior to the clash, friendly infantry had a better chance of breaking the will of the enemy infantry and being victorious.

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