Bow Rider
Bow Rider Icon
First appearanceThe WarChiefs
Light cavalry
Cost100 foodIcon food
75 coinIcon coin
AgeAges colonial Colonial Age
Base hit points250
Pop. use2
Line of Sight14
Resists30% vs. Hand
Melee damage10
Melee multipliersx4.5 vs. Melee cavalry
x2.0 vs. Artillery
x3.0 vs. Coyote Runner
Range damage20
Range multipliersx2.25 vs. Melee cavalry
x2.0 vs. Artillery
x1.5 vs. Coyote Runner
Siege damage10
Siege range6
Rate of Fire1.5 (Ranged)/ 3.0 (Siege)
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The Bow Rider is a Sioux light Cavalry unit in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs.

Overview Edit

The Bow Rider is best used against Heavy cavalry units as a group of them should easily take down an enemy's group of Heavy Cavalry. They can also be used to fend off Heavy Infantry due to their good resistance toward melee damage and high speed.

Unlike other ranged cavalry, Bow Riders lack the 0.5 multiplier against Villagers, so they are among the best at harassing an enemy's economy, third only to Apache Cavalry (with Apache Raiders researched) and to Cavalry Archers with Irregulars researched. They should be escorted with Dog Soldiers and/or Axe Riders, who can attack ranged infantry units, while also assisting at killing Villagers.

Bow Riders can be trained at the Corral, at the Colonial Age, unlike other similar units. This encourages Rushing, despite their high food cost. It is highly recommended to accompagny Bow Riders with the War Chief, as he provides a speed bonus that allows them to outrun most enemy units.

A severe drawback of this unit, meant to balance the lack of a 0.5 multiplier against Villagers, is that there are no shipments of Bow Riders available to a Sioux player, unlike Axe Riders and Rifle Riders. This, combined with their high food cost, means that they require close micromanagement; they shouldn't be sent without correct purpose into enemies.

Upgrades Edit

History Edit

"When forced west by the encroachment of the European colonists, the Sioux adapted to a wide-ranging, nomadic lifestyle - aided primarily by their mastery of the horse. The Sioux were known as expert horsemen and horse breeders. They developed extremely sophisticated riding tactics. When in battle, they would wrap their legs about their horse's upper body and lean over to the side opposite their foes - taking aim from beneath the horse's neck and using the animal for cover."

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