Borneo Tree (found as Tree-Borneo in the Scenario Editor) is an umbrella term for tree species that appear in Borneo map in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties and boasts some of the most diverse trees and flora which can all be chopped down for wood by Settlers, Villagers, and Coureur des Bois.

Layout of Trees Edit

Along the coast where your Town Center belongs, palm trees are clumped along. As you go farther inland where the trading routes are, you can start to find thicker and larger trees that tower over the landscape. Among the many trees in Borneo include Palm, Sandalwood, Teak, Ebony, and many others.

History Edit

"`Mountainous and tropical, Borneo suffers from intense humidity, especially on the coast. As a whole, the island receives more than 160 inches of rain fall per year, with precipitation heavier in some place, than others. The heaviest rainfall is during October to May monsoon season, and there is no dry season at all. In such conditions, the vegetation of Borneo is lush and diverse, and its trees are no exception the mountains are dense with fruit and timber trees, including the Coconut Palm, Orange, Banana, and Mango, as well as Teak, Ironwood, Ebony, and Sandalwood."

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