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Boneguard portrait

The Boneguards are elite infantry units that serve the Circle of Ossus and are featured in Age of Empires III. They are based on the Crusader Order, the Knights Templar. Like the Ottoman Janissaries, Boneguards use a sword instead of a bayonet in hand attack.

There are two different types of Boneguard in Age of Empires III: Musketeers and Swordsmen. Swordsmen are mainly seen in Act I, and Musketeers in Acts II and III, with the swordsmen returning at the Ossuary in the final campaign mission.

  • Musketeers - Boneguard Musketeers are crack-shots that resemble Pikemen with guns; they wear a hard breastplate and a striped cap. They are much stronger than the Swordsmen, but cost more. They are good against Melee Units, but not in hand-to-hand combat, as their melee attack is poor.
  • Swordsmen - Boneguard Swordsmen don a white tunic over mail and use long two-handed longswords to hack through enemy lines in battle. Ranged units are dangerous to the Swordsmen, who are infantry units. Both types have large amounts of hitpoints, but they can be beaten with proper counter-infantry units or a hero's special abilities.

To enable Boneguards from the Barracks in a custom scenario go to the Triggers Menu, go to Set Tech Status, go to "SPCenable Boneguard" for Boneguard Swordsman and for Boneguard Musketeer "SPCenable boneguardAGE2"

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