Bog Islands

A 3-player Bog Island match.

Bog Island is a random map introduced in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas.

Overview Edit

As with most of the new maps in Rise of the Rajas, Bog Island is an "amphibious" one.

Players begin in dry "islands" on top of vast expanses of shallows, that can be traversed from both land and naval units, and dry land is very rare. On the center of a map lies a water body that cannot be traversed by land units, and contains neat numbers of Fish.

This map can be considered as a sort of amphibious Arabia, as it is an open map, with lower-than-average trees, that facilitate rushes. Of course, the player can also utilise naval units, and even have them clash with the enemy's land forces. This is an excellent map for Demolition Ships, whose proper use can result in thinning out even land forces or buildings. Transport Ships should also be greatly utilised for multiple purposes, including bailing out losing armies and transporting Villagers around the shallows.

Environment Edit

Players begin on dry land, that is surrounded by buildable shallows. This dry land is covered by rainforests, and wildlife includes Rhinoceroses and Water Buffalos.

The shallows, on the other hand, feature Mangrove Trees, more Water Buffalos, and even Gold and Stone mines. There are also scattered "ponds" with deep water, where Box Turtles can be fished for food, as well as a central sea that features more Box Turtles, as well as fish.

Similar Maps Edit

Starting Resources Edit

  • Water Buffalos: x4
  • Rhinoceroses: x3
  • Gold (pile): x2 (S)
  • Stone (pile): x2 (S)
  • Trees: Less
  • Other Notable Features: Amphibious map. Tree lines are not dense.

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