Boar (Arkantos)
Boar icon
First appearanceAge of Mythology
Base hit points200
regenerates 1 HP/sec.
Pop. use2
Line of Sight14
ResistsHack (40%)
Pierce (40%)
Crush (99%)
Melee damageHack (8)
Melee multipliersVillagers (2)
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"Mmm... boar. Circe will be pleased."

Villager from Circe's city

Boar (Arkantos) is a variant of Arkantos seen exclusively in the scenario Old Friends in the Fall of the Trident campaign in Age of Mythology. Ajax and Arkantos spot a Shipwreck of a Trireme belonging to Odysseus, as the sail towards the Norselands. They immediately land on the island, and meet some odd-looking Pigs, who turn out to be Odysseus' sailors.

Then, Arkantos gets turned into the shape of a Wild Boar alongside Ajax by Circe the sorceress and can only be restored to his former self by reaching a Temple to Zeus.

History Edit

Arkantos has been turned into a boar. Fortunately he isn't alone in his fate -- Ajax has been turned into a boar as well, and the two heroes are trying to turn themselves and others back into humans.