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Bleda the Hun (390-445) is a leader of the ancient Hunnic Empire and brother of Attila. He appears as a minor character in Attila's campaign in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors.


Bleda the Hun

Bleda is present only once in the campaign, at the start of the first Hunnic level where he decides to settle Attila's challenges to his power once and for all in the form of a contest involving the hunting of the Iron Boar. This is in actuality a ruse to lower Attila's guard to ease with Bleda's assassination plot, but will fail to work in a number of ways, eventually pitting him against his brother where he can easily be slain.

Bleda's in-game avatar appears as a Mangudai with an unique portrait and, prior to the release of The African Kingdoms, is not classified as a hero (Bleda is categorized as a common unit in the Scenario Editor). As a result he did not possess the ability to regenerate health nor a Hero's innate immunity to Monks until he was updated in the third expansion. Bleda can be garrisoned inside Rams.

Additionally, while Bleda uses the model of a Mangudai, he is actually a melee unit and benefits from normal cavalry updates like Forging and Chain Barding Armor; he has no range and cannot engage enemies from afar. Interestingly, he still seems to fire "arrows" at his opponents during an attack.


While the real Attila the Hun did rise to become the leader of the Hunnic Empire following his brother's death, the circumstances of his ascension were pretty much left ambiguous by historical records. Some sources states that Bleda was deliberately murdered by his brother in 445 after the Huns pulled their forces out of Byzantium, while others speculated it was the result of a hunting trip where an assassination attempt was made on Attila's life (and failed).

The hunting trip version of the theory was depicted in the first level of Attila's eponymous campaign.

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