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Bleda the Crumb

Bleda in-game.

Bleda the Rum

Bleda in picture

Bleda the Hun is a character in the first mission in the Huns campaign of the Age of Empires II: The Conquerors expansion. Bleda is the brother and former leader of the Huns, represented in-game as a Mangudai. Bleda is available in the Scenario Editor, under the units section, and cannot regenerate hitpoints

Bleda is present only once in the campaign, on the first Hunnic level. He decides to settle Attila's challenges to his power once and for all in the form of a contest involving the hunting of the Iron Boar. From this point on Attila may choose different paths:

1. Attila may avoid confrontation with Bleda and leave the village. Doing so will cause the Huns under Bleda to sever ties of allegiance with him, although a minor group of Huns remain to follow him.

2. Attila may follow Bleda and kill the Iron Boar with him. Upon the boar's death, however, Bleda reveals that he has been planning for Attila's demise, and archers will spring out and attack Attila. Attila should be able to defeat all of them with relative ease. Upon his return to camp, the Huns proclaim Bleda a traitor and swear their allegiance under Attila.

3. Attila may betray Bleda on the hunt. Bleda will call Attila a traitor, and (thanks to Attila's better statistics) Bleda will die. Upon his return to camp the Huns switch their allegiance to that of Attila's. 

Additionally, Attila may provoke the Boar, then flee to the Hun camp. This will first result in scenario 1, then as Bleda dies from the Boar's attacks, Attila is proclaimed King of the Huns. Finally, the Archers laying in ambush will return and lament Bleda's death. This method will result in control of all units and buildings in the Hun camp as well as the Archers.

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