"The dark waters of the inland sea divide team lands into two islands."

Map description

The Black Sea icon seen on the Random Map page

Black Sea is a random map in Age of Mythology. It was initially only available as a pre-order bonus but was later included in the Extended Edition. It is based on the real-world body of water located between Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

Overview Edit

The most striking feature of this cold map is of course the sea itself. It is narrow near the edges of the map but turns into a large round circle at its center. Ferrying troops across the sea into enemy territory is of course easier where the water is narrower so maintaining control of these areas is critical. Since animals are scarce on land, the sea is also the most reliable source of food as it is abundant with fish. The shoreline has no elevation and few natural barriers so it will be difficult to defend against any enemy that manages to land.

Environment Edit

Forests of pines serve as the wood supply on the map. They are small and scattered far apart so worker units will find themselves frequently moving from one forest to another. Both Chickens and Berry Bushes are readily available in the Archaic Age as a safe means of food supply before Docks are built. Otherwise, there is little to hunt on land, with animals limited to herds of Elk, a few Wild Boars, and Lions.

The land depicted is a steppe biome, combining dirt/sand terrain with Pine Trees and snow, exactly as in Anatolia, and represents the western parts of the Eurasian Steppe, in modern-day Ukraine, and to the north of Caucasus.

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Gallery Edit

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