The Bison or Buffalo is a four-legged cow-like creature which first appears in Age of Empires III as a western New World food source. The Bison often appear in groups of 5 or more and run away if attacked. The Bison were a good food source for the Native Americans that lived in the Western part of North America.

The Sioux have shipments that gives them Bisons, and there is also a team shipment for them.

History Edit

"Scientific Name: Bison bison
Approx. Size: 5 ft. at the shoulder, 2,000 lb.
Diet: Prairie grasses

Bison are massive, shaggy cattle that once inhabited the central plains of North America in the hundreds of millions. The Native Americans of the plains relied heavily on the migrating herds. Native Americans, grizzly bears, and, later, European settlers were the only hunters capable of slaying bison. Bison have huge heads with short curved horns and a large, heavily furred hump at their shoulders.

Calfs born with white fur are very rare; they are significant in Native American traditions and are greeted with ceremony and prayer.

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