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Big Bertha
AgeBronze Age
Trained at Siege Workshop
TypeSiege Unit
Cost180 Wood,
80 Gold

The Big Bertha is a siege weapon in Age of Empires and has the appearance of a Catapult/Heavy Catapult. It has a larger blast diameter, more attack, more health and more range. It can only be acquired by using the cheat "Big Bertha". The cheat turns all (heavy) Catapults and Stone Throwers into Big Berthas. Note that this does not work with converted units. This cheat is exceptionally powerful if the player chooses a civilization that has bonuses for siege engines such as the Macedonians, Sumerians or the Hittites.


Iron Age

Civilization BonusesEdit

  • If played as the Hittites, the hit points increases from 200 to 400 hit points.
  • If played as the Sumerians, the rate of fire doubles (same rate of fire as a Ballista).
  • If played as the Macedonians, the cost per unit is 2X cheaper and 4X resistant to enemy conversion.


  • Big Berta refers to a piece of artillery produced by the Germans in the 20th century. Big refers to its size and Berta refers to the first name of the owner of the company that invented it.

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