Rms bayou

Bayou is one of the maps featured in Age of Empires III.

Overview Edit

There are always 4 Cherokee and Seminole villages, that occupy islands through the middle of the map.

Soldiers can walk through the swamp, the waters are too shallow to hold a navy, but it's not possible to build on the murky area. This will make defense and expansion difficult, especially because of the cramped patches of land throughout the map. This map lacks a Trade Route, but instead houses two of the best native tribes in the center of the map.

There's plentiful resources on the map, from silver mines to herds of animals. The only real problem is that they're scattered throughout the map, making turkeys hard to spot in swamps. There are few mines and herds near the players to begin with, making it surprisingly simple to raid an enemy.

The AI will generally build forts in the middle of the map. Also, since the Seminole villages are on the sides of the map, if the enemy controls it there will generally be attacks on either your town or your forts in the middle of the map.

Information Edit

"A vast swamp where dry land is at a premium. You can only build on solid ground, but armies can travel across the wetlands, so beware of unexpected ambushes."

History Edit

"Bayous stretch the southern shores of North America from Texas to Mississippi. They are home to hosts of wildlife and plants, all living in or near the sluggishly moving waters of bayou streams. They are often formed when a tributary of a river gets cut off from the main flow of fresh water. Crawfish, nutria, and alligators are just a few famous bayou animals. Marsh-loving trees include willows, cypress, and tupelo.

The bayou's best-known inhabitants are the Cajuns. Formerly French settlers who were exiled over several decades from their lands in Canada, the Cajuns (originally Acadians) settled in what is now southern Louisiana. They were driven away for a time by Charles Lawrence, who in 1753 became the governor of Acadia, recently claimed by the British. Over the next several decades they were captured, imprisoned, fled, and resettled in areas all over Canada, the West Indies, and what would become North America.

Gallery Edit

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