"A warrior king seeks to unite a divided land. But when he is betrayed, only his devoted servant can continue his legacy. Can a mere commoner ascend the Burmese throne and build the largest empire in Southeast Asian history?"

Bayinnaung is a campaign in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas, and tells the story of Burmese king Bayinnaung.

It narrates the rise of King Bayinnaung and the Toungoo Dynasty in Burma, the subjugation of the Shan and Mon peoples under Burmese hegemony and the conquest of modern-day Thailand and Laos and in short, the creation of the Toungoo Empire, the largest empire in Southeast Asian history.

Unit Edit

Unit info
Type Cavalry
Hit points 400
Attack 18 melee
Attack bonuses +10 vs Building
+10 vs Stone Defense
Blast radius 0.5
Rate of Fire 2.03
Melee armor 1
Pierce armor 3
Armor classes Cavalry
War Elephant
Unique Unit
Speed 0.75
Line of Sight 5
Bayinnaung is the titular hero of this campaign, and is also accessible in the Scenario Editor. He is represented by an Elite Battle Elephant with slightly improved HP and attack and appears in all scenarios. As a hero, he can regenerate health and cannot be converted.

Campaign Edit

Bayinnaung campaigns

All of Bayinnaung campaigns

There are five scenarios in the Bayinnaung campaign. In all scenarios, the player plays as the Burmese with green color.

  1. The Burmese Tigers
  2. The Mandalay Cobra
  3. The Royal Peacock
  4. The White Elephant
  5. The Old Tiger

Gallery Edit

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