Battle of Mylae
Battle of Mylae
Scenario information
Game RomeIcon Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome
Campaign First Punic War
Civilization Carthaginians
Color Blue
Course of campaign
Scenario no. 2
Previous Struggle for Sicily
Next Battle of Tunes

Battle of Mylae is the second scenario of the First Punic War campaign from the Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome demo. The Carthaginians must battle the Roman navy and acquire two Artifacts.

Scenario Instructions Edit

Apparently, Rome is not going to give up so easily. For decades, Carthaginian warships have ruled the Mediterranean. The Romans, however, have studied one of your wrecked triremes, and are duplicating it to build their own navy. Before you have time to rebuild your forces on Sicily, Rome is sending warships from the Italian peninsula to attack you near Mylae. To demonstrate to the Romans the futility of their attacks, capture their trade goods (Artifacts) from Syracuse and Italy and bring them back to your base of operations.

Objective Edit

  • Bring two Artifacts to the blue flagged area on your island, or kill your opponents.

Strategy Edit

Build up your base, and make sure you have a large navy. There are two enemies in this scenario: Rome (red), and Syracuse (yellow), both are Romans. Syracuse starts out with more units, but Rome has more of an economy, and their base will grow more quickly. You should hit Rome first.

When your control of the seas is secure, ship troops over to the red island. War Elephants are sturdy and good at leveling buildings, and Horse Archers deal good damage and can deal with their units. There's enough gold on your island to train plenty of both. Just be wary of Priests, which Rome has a plenty of. Should you run out of gold on all three islands, mass Triremes to soften their coastal defenses as they only cost Wood and can actually deal significant damage to buildings.

When you have acquired the Roman Artifact, leave the island, and attack Syracuse. When both Artifacts are in your possession, ship them back to your island.