"Small lakes on either side of the map provide players with a safe fishing location."

Map description

Basin icon as seen from map selection menu

Basin is a random map introduced in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. Judging from its native flora and fauna, it represents subtropical China, probably the Sichuan province.

Overview Edit

Though fish is a recurring food source in many random maps, players must often compete over control of the water in order to monopolize on this endless bounty. Basin is different as each player is granted a private lake that contains five schools of fish located directly behind their starting Town Center. These pools are not connected, so players can safely operate fishing operations without worrying about enemy navies.

The lakes must still be protected from land invasions, but there are many forests on this map that make it easier to wall off attacks. The additional Settlements tend to form semi-circles around the starting Town Center (three players or more), further encouraging defensive gameplay.

Ideal gods for this map are those who have economical or defensive bonuses, such as Ra, Isis, Thor, Gaia, and Shennong.

Environment Edit

Essentially, all the resources a player needs are relatively safe to obtain and worker units do not need to stray very far from the main base to reach them. Aside from the fish, there are also Ducks and herds of Deer found within a stone’s throw of the starting Town Center. Yaks are plentiful on the map and provide lots of food in the long term. Sometimes, even Elephants are present. There are Tigers that attack worker units but they are rare.

As this is a Chinese map, forests here primarily consist of Bamboo and Jungle Trees. Jade Mines are also found instead of Gold Mines.

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