Bapheus map
Scenario information
Game ForgottenIcon The Forgotten
Campaign Battles of the Forgotten
Civilization Turks
Color Green
Course of campaign
Scenario no. 8
Previous Cyprus
Next N/A

Bapheus is a scenario of the Battles of the Forgotten in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten, and depicts the rise of the Ottoman Empire. The map roughly shows the western part of modern Turkey. In this scenario, the player and the allies are all Turks.

Players Edit

Ally Edit

  • Rum Sultanate (Turks): They are allied to everyone, including the player, and they don't do anything.  Their gates are open to the player's enemies, but the player can hide in their castles and towers if the need arises.

Allies, potential enemies Edit

  • Karesi (Turks): One of the three Turkish towns that will offer Bapheus a bride. The one that the player picks will be a good ally, while the others will turn against the player.
  • Germiyan (Turks): The second of the three Turkish towns.
  • Candar (Turks): The third of the three Turkish towns.

Enemies Edit

  • Turkish nomads (Turks): Small static groups of opponents littered all over the map that provide a nuisance in the early game but are not really a threat.
  • Byzantine Empire (Byzantines): The main enemy. They have three towns along the coast in the north, and will keep sending groups of mainly Pikemen and Cavalry.
  • Catalan Company (Spanish): Will appear later in the game, build a base within the northernmost Byzantine town and will send well equipped troops.

Strategy Edit

First phase Edit

The player will be tasked with meeting five tribes and then return to where they started. Until the player progresses in the story, the game will not really start to run, i.e. no one will start gathering, build up troops etc. That means the player should use this opportunity to explore the map and wipe out the Turkish Nomads completely. But this should be done very slowly and carefully, as the player only has a limited amount of units, and only Cavalry and mounted Archers. The player will come across a few units that join their army, and one place allows the player to upgrade the current units' armor a bit, but neither is all that important for the later game.

The player can also thoroughly plan where to put their base. One of the three towns (Candar/Karesi/Germiyan) will become an ally, so it may be a good idea to hide behind them. If choosing the yellow one, the base can be built in the lower corner. The blue town is only protected with Palisade Walls. The turquoise town has a lot of forest behind it and enough space for a big base, but harder to wall off than the corner behind the yellow one. The player may also want to gather sheep from all over and round them up in a safe place.

Of the five camps, one will yield a Monk (the upper blue one), two will comply with the order and dissolve, and two (the lower blue one and the turquoise one in the far east corner) will resist and fight the player until their leader is down, so the player should target the enemy leader. The other units will then instantly change to red (Rum Sultanate) and ride away.

Second phase Edit

When the player returns with the Osman unit to the Sultan, the Byzantines will be switched to enemy, so they can be attacked now. The player is tasked to attack the Town Center of Sogut (left of the lake in the center of the map), but before that, the player should attack and destroy as many Byzantine structures as they can (e.g. the unsecured villages in the northeast and the Barracks to the right of said Town Center). As long as the player stays away from the Town Center objective, the game will still be stopped, i.e. noone does anything yet. Be sure to exploit this as much as possible before attacking the Town Center.

Third phase Edit

As soon as the Town Center is conquered, the game goes live. The Carts should be kept close, because they are the only resources the player starts with, i.e. not even a Villager can be built before the Carts reach their destination. As this is a geostrategically very bad position (the player is attacked from all sides), the player should quickly gather just enough resources to build a new Town Center elsewhere.

The Rum Sultanate main base shouldn't be filled with buildings, because they are not safe there anyway (the Rum Sultanate is allied to everyone, see above), but also because the player will receive very useful reinforcements (e.g. Hussars, Imperial Camels, Mamelukes, Bombard Cannons and Monks carrying a Relic) over time until the end of the game (can be hundreds of units eventually), but they might be blocked if the player put Houses on the map edge.

The player will be offered a bride by all three Turkish towns, and while the one selected will become an ally, the other two will turn against the player, giving them three enemies.

Selecting a tribe would give the following resources:

Blue would give 600 food & wood;

Yellow would give 500 food & 400 gold; and

Teal/Cyan would give 600 food & 300 stone

The Catalan Company will become the player's enemy at a certain point later.

Once all of the enemies have been defeated, the scenario is won.