Bank Wagon

The Bank Wagon's model.

The Bank Wagon is a Wagon available from the Dutch Home City and Japanese Consulate, which transforms into a Bank.

The Bank gathers coin at a rate of 2.75/second, which is the equivalent of about 4 Settlers mining coin, and about 3 in late game due to economic upgrades. The Bank Wagon is a considerable boost to the economy, giving the civilization that uses it a free infinite coin trickle that does not have to walk between mines, and cannot be raided, although the Bank can be destroyed, eliminating its effect.


Before the completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869, commerce between the East Coast of the US and its western territories were extremely limited, choices boiled down to either shipping the goods around South America's Cape Horn a land journey across the continent. With the California gold rush in 1849, the opportunities for the reliable transportation of goods and currency increased dramatically.

During the 1850s and 1860s, Wells Fargo became known as the premier provider of financial and commercial transport services. Its overland stagecoach line encompassed over 3,000 miles across the west, with routes to California, Montana, Colorado, and Neraska.

The coaches used by Wells Fargo were constructed by J. Stephens Abbott and Lewis Downing at their factory in Concord, New Hampshire. They were built tall and wide to better accommodate the less-than-smooth dirt trails available. These wagons used a suspension made from thick bullhide, rather than steel, giving their coaches a remarkably smooth ride.

Trivia Edit

  • No matter the player's civilization, Bank Wagon drivers always speak Dutch.