Baltic is a map in Age of Empires II.

Description Edit

Baltic is a sea surrounded by a medium-sized piece of land on all sides. Baltic is a map which emphasizes good coordination between teammates and a player's navy and army. A player needs to focus on both in order to emerge victorious from the battle. Focusing food production on fishing ships rather than farms is a good way to prevent overstraining wood economy. As noted on the map above, the strips of land separating the players are razor thin, so walling them off close to the other's base can be a good way to limit the opponent. After walling off an opponent, a player should focus on cross sea attacks using transports and galleons.

Good civilizations
  • Spanish (Good naval and army capability)
  • Britons (Archery, shooting from behind walls)
  • Huns (No housing allows for quick rush)

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