This article is about the unit in Age of Mythology. For the unit in Age of Empires, see Ballista (Age of Empires).
Ballista (Age of Mythology)
Civilization Norse
Age/God Mythic Age
Unit Type Siege Weapon
Cost 150 Wood
150 Gold
Population 3
Attack Hack Pierce Crush
- 9 4
Range 4-30 feet
Hit Points 85
Armour Hack Pierce Crush
20% 80% 90%
Speed 2.4 feet/second
Line of Sight 40 feet
Train at Hill Fort
Train Time seconds

The Ballista is a bolt-firing siege weapon in Age of Mythology. It is available to the Norse in the Mythic Age and is strong against both units and buildings.

Attack Bonus Edit

  • Ships: x3

God Bonus Edit

Odin increases Ballista hit points by 20%.

Upgrades Edit

General Edit

Strategy Edit

Ballistae fire several bolts which damage multiple units at a time and deal a fairly large amount of damage. They aren't as effective as other siege weapons at destroying buildings, but can destroy them fairly quickly in groups. They have a minimum range, so they should be escorted with cavalry or infantry to protect it from units that get too close.


The Ballista was another type of pre-gunpowder era artillery, mainly used against men in formation. It was a large bow mounted sideways. It used a winch and ratchet to create bow tension. The missile was usually a large metal, or metal-headed, bolt. Fired into a mass of men at ranges up to 1000 feet, bolts could disable several enemies. Ballistas could be placed on fixed mounts on walls or ships, or mobile-wheeled mounts for battlefield use. They were not particularly effective against fortified buildings and walls.


  • In the Alpha version of Age of Mythology, the Greeks were supposed to get a version called the Oxybeles that did Pierce Damage, the Egyptians were also supposed to get a Ballista Unit, tying in with their Ballista Tower technology.

Gallery Edit

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