Civilization Tech Tree Strategy


The Babylonians focuses more on defense rather than offense. Their increased Stone mining and doubled hit points for defensive buildings makes them less susceptible to enemy rushes early in the game. In the beginning of the game through the Tool Age, a Turtling strategy is recommended once enough Stone is gathered. By investing time to mine stone instead of other resources, the player can defend themselves from early rushes if defensive structures are placed at strategic locations. Be forwarned though, if too much time is spent on gathering stone for fortifications, the player may fall technologically behind compared to other players since Food production will stagnate, making advancing ages more difficult. They are a well balanced civilization and are best if played offensive in the Bronze Age once the player established fortitifications during the Tool Age. Their priests are a force to be reckoned with since they can convert enemy units faster than other civilizations can. Since there is no limit to the amount of units to be converted, the Babylonians can simply reach past the population limit with ease without spending time on constructing houses or training more units. They are a good choice in random maps and are the most powerful in the Bronze Age but their power slowly declines once Iron Age takes place in the Deathmatch mode of the game. If the computer controls this civilization in Iron Age with sufficient amount of surplus resources as in deathmatches, the entire army will consist of Scythe Chariots, Priests, and Catapults.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Age-of-empires-the-rise-of-rome 2 1


  • Good choice in land maps.
  • Best if played in Random Map.
  • Can surpass the population limit with ease (priests).
  • Good from Tool Age to Bronze Age.
  • Excellent for those who favor the turtling strategy, as they have the strongest walls and towers of the game.


  • Not as good in Deathmatches.
  • Cannot implement hit and run attacks.
  • Not as powerful in the Iron Age.
  • Cannot train a variety of elite units.
  • Not recommended in large maps, especially if it is a water map.

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