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For the campaign unit, see Aztec Chief.
Aztec War Chief
Aztec War Chief Icon
Aztec War Chief in game
First AppearanceThe WarChiefs
Heavy Infantry
Age AvailableDiscovery Age
Ages discovery
Base Hit Points500
Resists10% vs. Ranged
Melee Damage6
Melee Multipliersx0.25 vs. Settler
x3.0 vs. Treasure Guardian
Siege Damage15
Siege Range6
R.O.F.1.5 / 3.0 (Siege)
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The Aztec War Chief is a melee heavy infantry War Chief in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs.


The Aztec War Chief has a lot of hitpoints and no range attack. He is vulnerable to ranged attacks while approaching because he is a melee unit. His bonus as a War Chief is an experience multiplier to nearby units. Like all Explorers, Monks and War Chiefs, he automatically heals slowly when injured.

As all War Chiefs do, he can use a special ability to transform a Treasure Guardian into an ally every two minutes as opposed to fighting them, though when the War Chief starts conversion, the selected guardian will attack him. Like the other two War Chiefs, he has a good Line of Sight and can see stealth units, look for and take treasures, as well as building Trading Posts and Town Centers.

If he falls in combat, dancers at the Fire Pit can Dance to make the War Chief heal faster, and return to the Fire Pit without a ransom.

Upgrades Edit

  • This Unit Auto-Upgrades with the Age technologies.
  1. Colonial (+70% HP & +50% Damage)
  2. Fortress (+100% HP & +150% Damage)
  3. Industrial (+100% HP & +200% Damage)
  4. Imperial (+275% HP & +300% Damage)
  • Swashbuckler Attack can be unlocked with the Chief Council age up. Depending on the Age advanced to with the Council, the attack varies and the HP bonus is different.
  • Founder Increases the Bounty Aura Exp. multiplier to 300%

HC Shipments Edit

  • High Priest of Ixtlilton: Adds +50% Damage & HP to base stats of the war chief and he can train Jaguars.
  • Smoking Mirror: Grants Aztec War Chief speed 35% and hand attack damage area +2 so that it can hit multiple units at once.

History Edit

When Hernan Cortes and his Spanish Conquerors arrived in Tenochtitlan, they found Moctezuma, the tlatoani of the Aztecs, who thought of them as Gods because their horses and metal armor. It didn't take long for the Spanish to realize that the Aztecs could be easily exploited, until they realized that the Spanish were not gods.

The Aztec Huey Tlatoani, their ruler, was often seen with a crest of feathers on his head as part of the tradition. They were also closely related to the Clergy and the highest valued Warriors.

In Other Languages Edit

Spanish: Jefe Guerrero Azteca

Gallery Edit

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