Aztec Eagle Warrior
Native Eagle Warrior
First AppearanceAge of Empires III
Native Americans
Cost60 Food Icon food
40 Wood Resources wood
Age AvailableAges colonial Colonial Age
Base Hit Points110
Training Limit15
Resists30% vs. melee
Melee Damage6
Melee Multipliersx2.0 vs. Infantry
Range Damage11
Range Multipliersx2.0 vs. Infantry
Siege Damage10
Siege Range0-6
R.O.F.1.5 / 3.0 (siege)
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The Aztec Eagle Warrior is a Native American unit featured in Age of Empires III, available at Aztec settlements.

After the WarChiefs expansion, the Aztecs were replaced by the Zapotec. The Aztecs became a playable faction, and the Aztec Eagle Warrior was replaced by the Eagle Runner Knight.

Overview Edit

The Aztec Eagle Warrior has the same utility as an european Skirmisher.

Thanks to its 30% ranged resistance and 2.0 multiplier against infantry the Aztec Eagle Warrior can inflict heavy damage against infantry. It is also able to meele attack small groups of Ranged Infantry since the multiplier applies to hand damage as well.

The build limit for Eagle Warriors is eight, and another eight become available for each Aztec tribe the player allies with.

History Edit

"Aztec warriors who had captured at least four enemy soldiers became eligible for the ranks of the Eagle warriors or the Jaguar knights. Presumably, this emphasis on capturing enemies was to collect a pool of captives for sacrifice, but the Aztec were also known for dealing death in battle, killing with single strokes of their obsidian swords, or hurling barbed spears with atlatls. Their own warriors who caused confusion or disorder in ranks were beaten on the spot and sometimes killed.

Eagle Warriors were Aztec warriors whose dress incorporated feathers and a helmet resembling an eagle's head. The eagle was a symbol of the sun, the focus of Aztec worship and sacrifice. Eagle warriors are usually depicted carrying shields and spears.

Gallery Edit

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