AgeTool Age
Trained atBarracks
TypeLight Infantry
Cost50 Food
Rate of FireFast
Upgraded FromClubman Clubman

The Axeman is an infantry unit in Age of Empires. It is an upgrade of the Clubman and is statistically among the strongest units of the Tool Age. In large numbers they can be effective, although in the Bronze and Iron Age they are easily outclassed by other Barracks and Academy units.

They are not effective against Bowmen because they move too slowly to approach before being killed. However, they are very effective against Villagers and later siege weapons. They tend to dominate the Tool Age for offensive capabilities but are quickly overpowered later in the game.

Upgrades Edit

Tool AgeEdit

Bronze AgeEdit

Iron AgeEdit

Civilation Bonuses Edit

  • Macedonian: Axemen have +2 line of sight and are four times more resistant to conversion.

All the colors of axemen

History Edit

The Axeman in the game is a generic representation of the early stages in a civilization's history, with little or no documentation in many cases, yet it is not unreasonable to consider any civilization having gone through such a stage. Having established itself, the civilization would soon begin to consider alternative uses for the simple weapons they had made. Originally for hunting and defense from animals, axes and clubs en masse can be seen to symbolize the first primitive efforts to organize a military force, the faltering first steps towards more sophisticated weapons and armies.

The increasing population and wealth of the earliest civilizations made it possible to support standing armies available at all times for defense and attacking neighbors. The first professional armies were probably built in Sumeria and Egypt. These early civilizations had much to protect and were sufficiently wealthy to provide protection. Sumerian artwork from around 2500 BC provides evidence of an early army, in this case lines of soldiers, possibly in formation, equipped with identical armor, helmets, and weapons.

— the Age of Empires manual


Group of Axemen.

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