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Civilization Tech Tree Strategy

The Atlanteans are one of four cultures in the Titans expansion.


The Atlanteans are a civilization that emphasizes quality over quantity. As such their units are more expensive than those of other civilizations but are generally better at everything. They use Citizens as the base of their workforce. These are slower, take longer to train and cost more than other Villagers. However, they do not require drop-sites when gathering resources, build faster than the other villagers, and are tougher.

The Atlantean Scout unit is the Oracle. They have small line-of-sight when moving, but keeping them still will extend their line-of-sight.

By paying a cost, all Atlantean human units (including citizens) can be transformed into Heroes, giving them a bonus against Myth Units and making them slightly better at everything they do.

Favor is gained by holding Town Centers. The more completed Town Centers a player owns, the faster they will earn Favor. Also, Atlanteans can build Town Centers in the Archaic Age rather than in the Classical Age like other cultures.


Major GodsEdit

Classical Age GodsEdit

Heroic Age GodsEdit

Mythic Age GodsEdit

Heroes Edit

Unlike the other civilizations of Age of Mythology, the Atlanteans can create Heroes from regular units, simply by clicking a button while the unit is selected. The change is instant, and these new hero units have all of the attributes of heroes from other cultures. However, it isn't free, the change to a hero costs a significant amount of resources for each unit and adds to the population cap. The heroes are simply created from regular units so they still maintain previous weaknesses while gaining an attack bonus against Myth Units and a slight increase in any other bonuses they possess. Atlantean Heroes are the middle ground in the game. They are more expensive than Egyptian and Norse Heroes but are not as weak to human soldiers. They are weaker than Greek Heroes but are not limited in number as they are.


The Atlanteans gather favor similar to the Egyptians except by building Town Centers instead of monuments. Each Town Center an Atlantean player has gives a steady trickle of favor, approximately .3 favor per second per Town Center. The more Town Centers the player controls, the higher the favor intake. To facilitate the Atlanteans' favor gathering, they are able to build Town Centers earlier in the Archaic Age.


Chthonian atlantean titan
The Atlanteans receive an earth golem with crystals growing out of its back and elbow. These crystals change color, depending on the color of that civilization in a game.

Starting ConditionsEdit

The Atlanteans start with higher resource counts than the other civilizations, with 325 Food, 300 Wood, and 125 Gold in addition to steady favor generation from the start with their initial Town Center.

Their starting units are one citizen and one Oracle, the Atlanteans' scouting unit. However, two more Oracles appear from the Town Center at ten-second intervals. Oracles don't work as other scouts do, they have an extremely low Line Of Sight while moving. But while they're standing in one place, their LOS gradually increases until it reaches its maximum range in 1 minute. Once it reaches its maximum range, the Oracle will send a "flare" so that you are aware that its LOS isn't increasing any more.

Other AttributesEdit

The Atlanteans are completely themed on "Quality over Quantity". Their units are extremely expensive, but far more powerful and effective than the units from the other civilizations. An example of this would be their villager, which costs 125 Food, 25 Wood and 3 population slots, but are far more efficient than other villagers.

One attribute given to the Atlanteans through their superior villagers is the termination of resource dropping points. Instead, the Atlantean citizens will have donkeys, which follow them and act as personal resource gathering points; continuously putting resources into the stockpile rather than having to drop them off any any building. If a resource should become depleted, the Atlantean citizen will be able to move, by itself, to a similar resource elsewhere.

Another attribute is the ability to use God Powers more than once, the amount depending on the power of the God Power being used. Though the Atlanteans can use most of their God Powers more than once, there is a time limit, or 'cooldown period' between the usage of the God Power. This cooldown period is also dependent on the God Power, which ranges from around one minute to five. Certain Mythic Age God Powers may only be used once.

Houses for the Atlanteans also have some changes. Unlike the other three civilizations of Age of Mythology, the Atlanteans have houses which are called 'Manors' and serve a population of 20, not just 10 and can garrison units. However, due to this increase in the population cap per house, the Atlanteans are only able to build five houses. Each house costs 80 Wood and 25 Gold, considerably more expensive than a normal houses.


Military BarracksEdit


The Murmillo is the Atlanteans' general infantry unit. it is strong against cavalry and decent against other infantry making it a fairly well-rounded unit. Like most infantry they are vulnerable to archers.


The general cavalry unit for the Atlanteans; armed with a spear and fairly hefty armor. It has a decent speed and a high attack and armor.


Other than the Greek Toxotes, the Arcus is the only true foot archer in Age of Mythology. It is strong against infantry and weak against cavalry.



The Katapeltes is the main infantry counter against cavalry.


The Turma is a cavalry archer only good against other archers. It is very much like the Egyptian slinger, though far more mobile. Their mobility could in theory be useful for raiding, as it can be; however, the Turma has such low hack armor and attack that using them for that purpose isn't very effective.


The Cheiroballista is a siege unit which is excellent against buildings and infantry, but weak against cavalry (and buildings).



An anti-building unit that has high pierce armor but is weak against other infantry.


The Fanatic fights very well against both infantry and cavalry due to their attack bonus against human soldiers, but are quite susceptible to archer fire.

Fire Siphon A siege unit with very high pierce armor and a very high attack, but almost no hack armor. It shoots fire and is very strong against buildings.

AI Player NamesEdit

Unlike the other cultures, Atlantean names are not taken from history, but are fictious. Three of them seem to be taken from campaign heroes.


  • Unlike the Greeks, Egyptians, and the Norse, the Atlanteans are a fictious civilization. However they do draw major inspiration from the Romans (whom were originally considered for the expansion) this can be seen in the Destroyer, being based on Roman Legonaires, the Murmillo was a type of gladiator, the Cheiroballista was a type of ballista used by the romans, a "Turma" was a Roman cavalry squadron, and the Fire Ships and Fire Siphons draw inspiration from Greek Fire, which was invented by the Eastern Roman Empire (or Byzantines) However the buildings are inspired from common deciptions of how people believed the buildings of Atlantis looked like, and the Mesoamerican Architecture (Pointed Roofs, Use of Stone)

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