The Artificial Intelligence or AI, is the computer orders on how the enemy and ally computer player and some units react in the environments of a game.

The AI in the Age of Empires series has improved greatly on many aspects since its implementation in Age of Empires.

Age of Empires Edit

The AI in Age of Empires and The Rise of Rome has several notable traits, including:

  • AI will rarely, if ever, build walls. If AI does build walls, it will only be a short segment. This is common at the Scenario Editor under the default personality.
  • AI will often send their villagers to scout the map early in the game and will continue to do so late in the game even after more capable military units suited for the task are available. Scouting villagers will continue their job indefinitely until their death if they are able to effectively dodge range attacks.
  • With the exception of Campaigns and custom scenarios, AI will continue to build villagers/fishing vessels until they have about 30 or so.
  • AI will almost always construct most of their buildings at a certain distance away from their first Town Center. The space occupied by all of their buildings will often be a rectangular ring surrounding their Town Center if there are no natural obstructions.
  • AI will keep sending their villagers to repair damaged buildings/towers/walls until it is destroyed, even if it would be foolish to do so.
    • AI will often reconstruct a recently destroyed building near its previous location, even if the area is controlled by the enemy.
  • Later in a game AI will not build storage pits/granaries next to resource sites, but will instead gather resources as far away as they can.
  • AI do not hunt elephants and will not gather food from predators such as lions and alligators even if they have been hunted down.
  • Once AI military units are attacking a target (such as a building), they will never stop attacking it for any reason unless directly threatened.
  • AI will sometimes use military units that are outdated if resources are becoming scarce, for instance, they may use clubmen in the Iron Age.
  • AI will generally train a few specific types of units corresponding to its civilization bonuses and tech tree, and will rarely have a diverse army.
  • AI will strictly build their army based on their civilization's strengths, for example, an AI who is the Choson civilization may train only swordsmen.
  • If AI has multiple Priests, AI will attempt to convert it with as any priests as possible within its range.
    • If an elephant is within the range of the priest or near the unit that are trying to convert, the Priest will sometimes attempt to convert the elephant instead of the attacking unit.
  • In the Rise of Rome expansion, the AI seem to like training slingers regardless of their civilization and age, perhaps because of their ability to inflict full damage against buildings and towers. 
  • AI will never attack with their villagers unless one or more of the following circumstances occurs:
    • They are attacked early in the game, such as in the Stone or early Tool Age.
    • Towers are built near their Town Center.
    • Their civilization is being crushed and defeat seems imminent.
  • If an enemy starts building a tower in AI's base, sometimes AI will send everything including villagers to attack the tower.

Under these circumstances, the AI will send all of their villagers to attack the threat.

Age of Empires II Edit

The Age of Kings Edit

The AI in Age of Empires II is much more advanced than the AI in the previous installment. The Computer Player Strategy Builder Guide lists what each difficulty of the AI will do and what not:

AI behaviors Easiest Easy Moderate Hard Hardest
Advances through the Ages After any human player that has advanced to that age Slowly as a novice player, or as Easiest does As an experienced player As fast as possible As fast as possible; computer players cooperate to slingshot through the ages
Attacks first Never Never Occasionally Yes Yes
Breaks alliances No Rarely Rarely Yes Yes
Builds a Castle Rarely Seldom Yes Yes Yes
Builds a Wonder Never Seldom If possible If possible Seldom
Expansion and resource gathering Slowly selects resources; abandons contested resources Slowly Fast Aggressively defends resources Aggressively defends resources, destroys enemy resources
Monks used to convert buildings Never Rarely Seldom Yes Yes
Monks used to convert units Rarely with very few Monks Seldom or slowly Yes Yes Yes
Walls and Towers Never  Sometimes defensive towers Yes Yes Yes, may build offensive towers
Town siege Never Seldom Yes Yes Yes
Starting diplomatic stance Neutral Neutral Mix of Neutral and Enemy Enemy Enemy
Will ally with human players Yes (unless game would end) Yes (unless game would end) With one human only (unless game would end) Never Never
Will ally with humans Depends on personality Depends on personality Sometimes Never Never
Will ally with other computer AIs No Yes Yes Preferred Preferred
Will trade Yes Yes Sometimes No No
Cooperates against human player No Sometimes Sometimes Yes; coordinated attacks, optimized building strategies etc. Yes
Given additional resources at start? No No No No Yes

Note that the hardest AI does not only get resources at the start, but upon reaching any Age, including the Dark Age. They get 500 of each resource every time for a total of 2,000 each when they reach the Imperial Age.

The Conquerors Edit

In The Conquerors, the AI has been improved slightly, being more aggressive. The AI tends to build walls around its main base.

The Forgotten Edit

In The Forgotten, the AI has made a huge step forward, being a challenging opponent in higher grades of difficulty. Some aspects of the Computer Player Strategy Builder Guide do not apply anymore. The resource bonus, for instance, was removed. Also, the AI uses the trade heavily now, thus generating more gold. But the aggressiveness they play with is the biggest difference, though. The AI either rushes or booms with heavy attacks in the early Feudal Age or late Castle Age, respectively. If an army is outnumbered, sometimes it even retreats. But still, when being besieged and mostly destroyed, they do not rebuild their base.The AI tends to use about 50% of the population limit or more to create Villagers, which causes its economy to boom from mid to late game, thus making its army nearly unstoppable as it would just quickly replace its defeated army due to the fact it has gathered high amounts of resources. This AI tends to stop attacking and prefers defending their base if its running low on resources

This AI advances to the Castle Age a bit slower compared to the previous AI however once it does, it will have a stable economy by then. Also, since this AI focuses on booming together often complemented with rushing, it tends to collect Relics slower than the previous AI

The difficulty of the campaigns is much higher than it was in the previous versions.

The African Kingdoms Edit

In The African Kingdoms, the AI was barely modified. The campaigns can be compared those in The Forgotten in terms of difficulty.

Trivia Edit

  • Regardless of difficulty, the AI often dodges projectiles of ranged units. Also, it uses hit-and-run tactics with ranged units itself, making it hard especially for infantry using players.
  • Interestingly, the AI will sometimes cancel the construction of a building if it is only built by a single Villager and that Villager is attacked.

Age of Mythology Edit

Random Map AI Personalities Edit

  • Standard: the most balanced AI, balances economy and military pressure. Usually attacks starting from the Classical Age, but only sends two waves per Age. Rarely walls.
  • Attacker: attacks early and raids frequently. Spends a lot of time in the Classical Age but will advance to the Heroic Age if their military pressure fails. Does not spend resources on Walls or Towers.
  • Conqueror: begins training a massive army in the Classical Age but does not attack until the Heroic. Is vulnerable to rush strategies.
  • Builder: focuses entirely on its economy in the early game, building and training the bare minimum. Will advance to the Heroic Age as quickly as possible and will follow up with heavy attacks.
  • Protector: will attempt to secure a large section of the map by first walling themselves and will then build many towers in the Heroic Age over a wide area. Will make a modest army in the Classical Age but will not attack until later in the Heroic Age.
  • Defender: will focus on defending the area closest to its immediate area with walls and towers. May attack in the Classical Age as resources permit and will advance to the Heroic Age at a much later time.
  • No AI: does absolutely nothing
  • Random: selects randomly from the above

Here is a table showing a detailed Standard AI behavior on different difficulty settings:

AI Behavior Easy Normal Hard Titan
advances through the ages very slowly slowly fast very fast
attacks rarely sometimes often often
upgrades their units never yes but not that fast yes, faster than Normal yes, as their resources permit
will build on settlements limited to only one settlement limited to three settlements will claim all possible settlements will claim all possible settlements
Army size small medium large very large
number of gatherers few medium many medium
Handicap Bonus none none none +100%
will pickup relics rarely sometimes often often
trains myth units rarely rarely often as long as there is enough favor (Greek AI rarely do train myth units)

Titan Difficulty AI Edit

Based on the table, you'll notice that Hard and Titan do not have much differences, except the fact that Titan has a handicap bonus of +100%. In terms of the numbers of gatherers, Hard has more villagers compared to Titan to keep its economy booming, while Titan only needs lesser villagers due to the said handicap. Since Titan has fewer Villagers compared to Hard, they have more population room for their army.

Greek AI's rarely spam powerful myth units such as the Colossus, since most of the time they only prefer to train Pegasus. They also rely on Heroes most of the time, who cost them Favor, instead of using them to summon lots of myth units.

*Handicap Bonus - it is a bonus which gives a particular player speed and gather rate advantage. For example, when fighting against a Titan AI, the player can notice a +100% beside the AI's personality name, which indicates they gain twice speed and gather rate as a regular payer without the handicap bonus. The bonus affects build time, unit's creation speed, research time and the resource gather rate. The said effect on the AI's performance is determined by the total handicap percentage before and after the handicap bonus. Each of the players (including AI's) already has a base handicap speed of 100%.

To explain this further, since every player has a base 100% handicap, if a single player game is played under Titan difficulty settings, it will give the AI +100%, which is like (100% base) + 100% handicap bonus = 200%, hence it is where the times 2 increase comes from.

When the player with a +100% handicap bonus gathers resources, the amount they deposit to the drop off sites are doubled. For example, a Greek Titan AI villager gathers 15 Food from a Deer then proceeds to deposit it to the Granary. In this example, 30 Food will be added to the AI's stockpile because of the 100% handicap bonus. (15 x 2 = 30)


Using the cheat code MR. MONDAY gives the AI +1000% handicap, meaning their production rate is multiplied 11 times compared to a player without handicap bonus. It affects all AI's in the game. It also affects the AI despite which difficulty level the player is playing, and greatly affects the AI's performance. Getting back on the scenario earlier, if a Greek AI's Villager (with MR. MONDAY cheat) deposits 15 Food to the Granary, 165 Food would be added to its stockpile. (15 x 11 = 165)

To explain this further, since every player has a base 100% handicap, if MR. MONDAY is activated, it will give the AI +1000%, which is like (100% base) + 1000% handicap bonus = 1100%, hence it is where the times 11 increase comes from.

On Easy: AI will spam armies at a very fast rate. The AI may also reach Mythic Age quickly, however it will still not upgrade its units (not even to the Medium level) and will rarely attack Still, it will not attempt to capture even unoccupied Settlements.

On Normal: The AI ,may also reach Mythic Age quickly and will upgrade their units to the Champion level. It will also attempt to capture two extra Settlements (with a total of 3 at a time)

On Hard and Titan: Since it is mentioned earlier that Hard and Titan AI's only main difference is the Handicap bonus, the cheat code MR. MONDAY will affect them the same way. They will build their armies extremely fast, will advance to the Mythic Age quickly, and upgrade their units to the Champion level. Because of the cheat's great handicap bonus, Hard AI with MR. MONDAY activated will adjust its Villager production accordingly so they can now have more population room to create a larger army.

Random Map Quotes Edit


  • Just keep your armies in your own lands, and we will get along fine.
  • Good luck! You're going to need it!
  • Build many, many walls. You'll need them when I arrive.
  • To last, I grapple with thee!
  • My empire expands slowly, so you'll have to give me plenty of time before you attack.

Casts God Power

  • My gods have a gift for you! I hope it hurts.
  • The gods have given me great power.
  • Take that!
  • Behold!
  • I could have chosen destruction, but I chose this instead.

AI Ages Up First

  • You cannot possibly expect to win with your limited technology.
  • Your people have yet to discover fire or the wheel.

Player Ages Up First

  • You may have technology, but we have numbers
  • Even though you are more advanced, it will not save you from defeat.
  • Your gods have showered you with blessings.
  • Perhaps you would like to share some technology with me?

Captured Relic

  • If you want this Relic, you will have to pry it from my Temple.
  • Look ma! I found a Relic!
  • I shall present this Relic to the Temple of my Gods.
  • I'm glad I found this relic before you did.
  • It was foretold I would uncover this relic

Prepares to Attack

  • It won't be long now. Soon you will see my banners in your lands.
  • I toy with my prey.
  • You are in my way. You shall be removed.

Player Caught Building Walls

  • Walling yourself in? That won't help you.

Player claims Town Center

  • I will soon take from you what is mine.
  • I know where you are expanding.
  • You prey upon the weak.
  • Do not think you can challenge me.

Player or Ally loses Town Center

Note that the enemy may also quote these if the player casts the Citadel God Power

  • Oh, did you need that town?

Enemy Loses Last Town Center

  • You have removed all of my cities from the map.
  • My empire has collapsed.

Enemy Loses Wonder/Titan Gate

  • Hey! I needed that!
  • Curse you! I spent a lot of resources on that Wonder!

Offers to Surrender

The enemy AI will usually offer to leave the game whenever the player has done severe damage to them, such as destroying their Town Center or killed most of their worker units. The player can choose between Yes or No

  • Perhaps you would allow me to leave with some dignity?

AI in Age of Mythlogy offering its resignation. Unlike in AoE II, the player has the option whether to allow AI to leave the game or not after it offers resignation. Notice that there is a +1000% after the AI personality's name, indicating MR. MONDAY cheat has been activated

Age of Empires III Edit

The AI also have their own preferences, copying defenses in each game. The group below presumes that the player is not playing on a post-industrial or imperial gameplay as the towers will already be on Fortified level.

AI behaviors Sandbox Easy Normal Hard Expert
Advances through the ages Very slow advancement rate Slightly faster advancement rate As an experienced player As fast as possible As fast as possible; computer players cooperate to slingshot through the ages
Army size Very small Slightly larger Moderate size Larger Extremely large
Attack rate Extremely rare Slightly faster Normal rate As fast as possible As fast as possible
Forts No No Yes Yes Yes
Will trade Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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