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Arkantos Icon
Arkantos (uber)
Civilization Greek
Age/God N/A
Unit Type Hero
Cost N/A
Population 2
Attack Hack Pierce Crush
Range 0 meters
Hit Points 1500
Armour Hack Pierce Crush
80% 80% 99%
Speed 5.3 meters/second
Line of Sight 20 meters
Train at N/A
Train Time 0 seconds

This is Arkantos from Age of Mythology after being enhanced by Zeus. Given his high armor rating, powerful attack, and quick health regeneration, he is almost impossible to kill.

Arkantos (Uber) appears only in the final scenario when the player is granted the 'Blessing of Zeus' god power, which is cast on on Arkantos (Hero) to turn him into Arkantos (Uber). He is used to defeat the Living Poseidon Statue, which is too powerful to defeat via regular means (mostly).

At the end of the Fall of the Trident campaign, Athena raises this form of Arkantos, who had died after Poseidon in a rage destroyed Atlantis, to true godhood. In god form, Arkantos' stats are identical to his uber form, but he has a different appearance.

Attack bonuses
  • Animals of Set: 3x
  • Human soliders: 7x
  • Myth Units: 10x
  • Living Poseidon Statue: 25x


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