This article is about the demi-god form. For the base form, see Arkantos. For the god form, see Arkantos (god).

"Did I mention that I am a god now?"

Arkantos Uber's taunt in multiplayer mode
Arkantos (uber)
Arkantos Icon
First appearanceAge of Mythology
Base hit points1,500
20 HP/second regeneration
Pop. use2
Line of Sight20
ResistsHack (80%)
Pierce (80%)
Crush (99%)
Melee damageHack (100)
Melee multipliersLiving Poseidon Statue (25)
Myth units (10)
Set Animals (3)
Human soldiers (7)
Siege damageHack (200) Buck attack
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Arkantos (uber) is the demi-god form of Arkantos after being blessed by Zeus in Age of Mythology. Given his high armor rating, powerful attack, and quick health regeneration, he is almost impossible to kill.

Arkantos (uber) appears only in the final scenario when the player is granted the 'Blessing of Zeus' god power, which is cast on on Arkantos (hero) to turn him into Arkantos (uber). He is used to defeat the Living Poseidon Statue, which is too powerful to defeat via regular means.

At the end of the Fall of the Trident campaign, Athena raises Arkantos, who had died after Poseidon in a rage destroyed Atlantis, to true godhood.

Trivia Edit

  • Uber Arkantos' mythology section is identical to the one in his normal form.

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