This article is about the cut menu mode in Age of Mythology. For the random map in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, see Arena.

Arena is a cut menu mode (similar to the campaign menu mode) that was to be featured in Age of Mythology.

Information Edit

Arena was a mode that was cut before release, before the Main Menu UI was changed.

Information on it is unknown, however it is NOT a form of the Arena map from Age of Empires II. It is possible to suggest it was a wave based mode set on unique maps, a sandbox version of the campaign, or similar to the Battles of the Conquerors campaign from Age of Empires II, set in mythicalized historical battles, and mythical adventures of heroes. It is also possible it was a harder version of the campaign, with killable heroes, less resources, and even tougher enemies before the Titan mode was added.

Access Edit

To access Arena, do the following:

  • Download BARExplorer, or AoMED, either preferably from AoMH.
  • Using BARExplorer enter the data/ (For Vanilla, and Titans respectively) and extract uipregame.xmb and uipregamenew.xmb
  • Rename uipregame.xmb to uipregamenew.xmb and then paste it in the /data folder
  • Start AoM and navigate through the changed menu (from the Alpha) and find "Arena"

(NOTE: Due to both the cut main menu and Arena mode being cut from the shipped game, the textures for both are not present in the files, so the player must extract these from the Multiplayer Alpha)

Whilst it is possible to do the same process with Extended Edition, it is not suggested to do so, due to Steam Support, and a new menu layout.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to a bug, the last played campaign will appear in the arena menu. If the player now loads Fall of the Trident prior, cutscenes will appear, and with unique names, this however does not work with The New Atlantis or other official campaigns due to being made after cutscenes could no longer be accessed through the campaign menu.
  • Arena is not a cut differentially-named Campaign menu, as it exists alongside each other in the cut campaign menu.

Gallery Edit

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