Rm arena

Arena: Home of the Boom Strategy

Arena is a random map in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors.

Description Edit

Arena surrounds all players with walls and has a huge open space in the middle with resources ringed around the outside. The entire map is surrounded by a huge ring of trees. The only route to attack other camps, naturally is through the middle forcing most of the fighting to be done there. Naturally, the resources (gold) outside an enemies should be a player's first target, as the player should try to limit the other as much as possible. Sometimes (see map) small pockets are formed containing a resource (stone or gold) and the player should instead focus his economy on those sections instead due to their relative safety from the battles around the home base. Typically, a boom strategy works very well due to the fact that walls are already in place and a rush early would take a long time to penetrate the stone walls, especially if towers are in place.

Good civilizations:

  • Aztecs, Spanish, Mayans (when on a team, used as the springboard for the other player)
  • Spanish, Byzantines, Saracens (Great elite units, used as the spring that would be bounced ahead by the other player)

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