Arctic Winds
Introduced in Age of Mythology
Culture Norse
Major God OdinIcon Odin
LokiIcon Loki
Age ClassicalAge Classical Age
Minor God HeimdallIcon Heimdall
Researched At DockAOMIcon Dock
Research Time 40 seconds
Research Cost
WoodAOM Wood 200
FavorAOM Favor 10
Effect Longboats +10% speed, +10% HP

Arctic Winds is a Norse technology in Age of Mythology available when worshiping Heimdall. It improves Longboat speed and hit points.

Effects Edit

  • Longboats +10% speed
  • Longboats +10% Hit Points


Release History fileEdit

"Viking sailors routinely crossed the North Atlantic from Scandinavia and Britain to Iceland, with only simple navigational tools and no compass, despite the constant presence of heavy storms. The distance of 700 nautical miles could be crossed in as little as four days and nights given a steady wind.

"It is the great north wind that made the Vikings." -- Scandinavian proverb."

In-game help section

Pre-release History fileEdit

"“For the ninth I know,
if I stand in need
my bark on the water to save,
I can the wind
on the waves allay,
and the sea lull.”

-- The Poetic Eddas, Odin’s Rune-Song

Multiplayer Alpha, unused help section


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