Archipelago is a random map in Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology.

Age of Empires II Edit


The Age of Empires II version.

The map consists of a series of islands surrounded by a large ocean. Most of the resources are limited due to the fact that the islands are smaller than regular landmasses and large trash unit (Skirmishers, Scouts) battles are common late in games. Some players starts the game on an isolated island, others share an island with some wood, gold, stone, berries, and deer. An early rush that can displace an enemy player and secure a friendly base in the island, allows the rushing player to use the resources from the other island effectively adding to their resource stockpiles. Controlling the water is important in Archipelago. The majority of a player's food should come from the water as to preserve wood stockpiles. A very important note would be the resource islands. Typically, Archipelago contains four extra, smaller islands. Two are mostly barren, but the other two contain very large amounts of gold, wood, food, and stone. Locating these islands and exploiting their benefits should be a top priority for all players. Civilizations with naval bonuses have a large advantage on this map.

Civilizations with advantages here include:

Civilizations that may struggle

  • Civilizations with poor navy: the Aztecs for example

Age of Mythology Edit


The Age of Mythology version.

This sun-swept island chain may isolate players at random.- Map description.

Much like the Age of Empires II version, Archipelago features a highly unpredictable map, where players may start alone or share with their teammates the same island, or in separate islands, but slightly connected by a land bridge. Control of the waterways is highly important, as the islands have limited animals, forcing players to focus on fishing and rushing, with both naval and land units.

Some of the uninhabited islands and islets on the map may or may not have Gold Mines, so it is imperative to scout well the seas for potential resource pools. The fauna in this map is common to the Mediterranean region, including Wild Boars Deer and Mahi-mahi in the waters (as well as non-interactable Orcas). The forests in the region are composed of palms.

The best Major Gods for this map are ones who offer naval or scouting bonuses as well as the right Minor Gods, who provide in turn naval Myth Units and/or naval Myth Technologies.

Odin in particular is one of the best choices, as he spawns Raven scouts on the Temple, excellent for searching resources on uninhabited islands, and provides multiple Minor Gods who boost the Norse navy:  HeimdallNjord, Tyr and Baldr.

Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

  • The word Archipelago is of Greek origin (Ancient Greek: Ἀρχιπέλαγος/Archipelagos), and referred to the Aegean Sea (Ancient Greek: Ἀιγαίο Πέλαγος/Aigaio Pelagos). "Archi" is a prefix that denotes authority, leadership or superiority, whereas "pelagos" meant sea, so "archipelagos" meant sea of seas. It later referred to the Aegean Islands, and on later times, it was used as a noun concerning collections/chains of islands, such as the Malay Archipelago.

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