This article is about the archer units in Age of Mythology. For archer units in other games of the series, see Archers.
Chu Ko Nu archers

A group of Chinese Chu Ko Nus.

Archer Units are military units that fight on foot, but use missile weapons to enable them to fight at a distance from their enemies. This distinguishes them from infantry and cavalry units.

Archers are also human units, rather than the superhuman Heroes or monstrous Myth Units. The units below are also considered archers because counter-archer units have an attack bonus against them. Furthermore, they benefit from Archer upgrades (i.e. Medium Archers etc.,) though this is not true of the Atlantean heroes.

There are also a few units that, while mounted, are considered archers rather than cavalrymen as they fulfil the above criteria. The Norse do not have any archer units. Note: This is no longer the case in the Tale of the Dragon expansion, as the Norse were given a single archer unit, the Bogsveigir.

Greeks Edit

Egyptians Edit

Norse Edit

Atlanteans Edit

  • Arcus and Arcus Hero
  • Turma (mounted) and Turma Hero (mounted)

Atlantean archer units retain their archer status when they are upgraded to heroes.

Chinese Edit

Brief Comparison Table Edit

Some non-archers units were added for comparison purposes.

Name Wood Gold Pop Pierce Dmg Range HP H.Armor P.Armor Spd
Toxotes 55w 35g 2 6.5 15m 60 15% 15% 4.0m/s
Peltast 60w 20g 2 3 16m 70 15% 20% 4.0m/s
Gastraphetes 120w 80g 3 8 24m 60 15% 15% 3.8m/s
Slinger 60w 24g 2 3 16m 65 15% 25% 4.0m/s
Chariot Archer 100w 40g 3 8.5 20m 90 30% 20% 5.0m/s
Bogsveigir 80w 40g 2 7 18m 80 20% 20% 4.2m/s
Arcus 60w 35g 2 6 20m 60 15% 15% 3.75m/s
Turma 50w 45g 2 4 12m 80 5% 30% 5.0m/s
Chu Ko Nu 60w 40g 2 4(×2) 16m 60 15% 15% 4.0m/s
Mounted Archer 80w 60g 2 7 15m 100 15% 15% 5.3m/s
Ballista 150w 150g 3 9(×3) 30m 85 20% 80% 2.4m/s
Cheiroballista 115w 100g 4 4(×3) 20m 85 25% 50% 3.85m/s
Fire Lance 60w 60g 2 8 20m 80 15% 15% 4.0m/s

  • Peltast, Slinger, Turma have +300% dmg against Archers and +100-200% dmg Bonus against Throwing Axeman.
  • Slinger also have +25% bonus against Axeman and Hypaspist.
  • Mounted Archer have +25% dmg against Cavalry.
  • Toxotes, Arcus, Chu Ko Nu have -10% dmg against Raiding Cavalry.
  • Cheiroballista have huge list of bonuses, worth to mention: +150% against infantry, +350% against Huskarl, +300% against Destroyer.

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