Notice the square map.

Araucania is a map in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs. Unlike other maps, Araucania utilizes a rectangle, rather than a circle as the map. The map has 2 different variants, a winter version and a summer version. The winter version of the map features snow covering the land while the summer version features lush green plains.

Description Edit

  • With a river along the shore to the west, the amount of land is limited. With a long Trade Route consisting of 6 Trading Posts, a Trade Monopoly victory will be tough to complete and will need a large amount of map control. But, the Trading Posts can be used to the player's advantage for resources or XP for quick shipments.
  • Even though it seems smaller, the resources on this map are plentiful. Both fish and whales are available in the sea. On land, a herd of Guanaco lie near the Town Center with various herds of Guanaco or Deer among the land. Also, Berry Bushes are plentiful, so if players run out of hunts, they will always have a little extra food if they find it. Trees and treasures are always abundant as well, as are copper mines. And, if players want some added military boost, grab a Mapuche or Incan settlement. This resource filled map could lead to some long games with many units from both sides.
  • It is recommended to use civilizations with strong end games, like the Spanish, or a civilization that can jump out early and wipe out the other before a long mid game ensues, like the Russians. AI Ottomans may struggle with this map for an unknown reason. They struggle with pathfinding and often leave resources next to their base, opting for more dangerous routes and caches.
  • Herdables: Deer and Guanaco
  • Natives: Inca and Mapuche

History Edit

"Amidst the towering peaks of the Andes lies a region within modern-day Chile known as Araucania. It is a land of angry volcanoes, mighty rivers, and hundreds of emerald lagoons. The resilient Mapuche people have lived here for generations, holding fast to their culture and traditions against the onslaught of the Spanish and others.

The Andes frame the west coast of Araucania, sheltering the inner central valley from the effects of the Pacific Ocean. Eagerly sought after by the Spanish, this central valley provided the bulk of this land’s agrarian economy. For over 100 years, the Mapuche successfully defended this land against Spanish attempts at conquest.

After Spanish tenure in the region, the Mapuche faced years of additional assaults by the governments of Chile and Argentina. In 1860, the Mapuche selected a French lawyer named Orelie-Antoine Tounens to be King of Araucania (also called New France), and established their own government, flag, and coinage. Chile and Argentina refused to accept Tounens and had him deported several times. He died in France in 1878, stripped of his crown and any authority.

In-game history section

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